Sudden stillness scorns my silence,

Comfort trickles through my weakened pores.

Pain prickles.

Under your thick breath,

I hear the whisper of death.

Why did you leave me so?

obscure under an invisible shadow that makes me crow.

How did your existence fade from my memory,

in a blink of murderous proportions?

Don't wait for me, ascend, for you now have wings--

But my universe clasps mine

Tighter, so I won't descend.

I am leashed to the Earth.

While stars swoon, circling my crop,

comets Cry,

And the sun is in deep thought,

The darkness of solitude blocks the light.

I cry when I'm alone in the night,

And the tears smudge my painted cheeks.

Why were you leashed to the skies?

Why did you have to die