What about me?

Five friends,

That's all I need,

Yet I wonder,

How can I let them be themselves,

Having their own set of friends to go to,

Yet they don't forget me,

I'm always there,

I'm the ear when they want to talk,

I'm the shoulder they cry on,

But one thought plagues me,

What about me?

Have they ever wonder,

If I cry myself to sleep?

If there is someone I can go to?

I am alone,

Always have been,

I have learn to suck it up,

Realize that no one will help me,

They think I'm cold,

Have no heart,

That could be true,

If it were not for my five friends,

Who make me wanted,

Who come to me for wisdom,

Wisdom those who think I don't have,

When will I have someone,

Who will listen to me,

Give me a shoulder to cry on,

When will the lost love come back?

Will I ever find it?

Or go on empty

Someone please think

What about me?