Carefully, Gabriella picked up Lily's pale, white hand.

"How could you?" she said, running her fingers over Lily's. "How could you?" she repeated, and started to cry.

She sat down. And she sat, listening to the beeping of the machine that was keeping her sister alive. It was strange to basically look at yourself lying in the hospital bed, so white and sterile.

"Why'd you do it, Lils? Why?"

"Sam had to work today; otherwise he'd be here with me. He's coming tonight. Damien drove me. He's outside waiting. I wanted to talk to you alone first. He said he'd come in in about five minutes."

"They said it was an attempted suicide, Lils. Is that true? Did you really drive yourself into the tree? What about Sam? What would happen to Sam if you would have died? If someone hadn't been driving along and found you? Would you be dead?" she paused and took a breath. "Is that what you would have wanted? To die?"

"I could end it for you, Lils. Just pull the plug, but then I'd get in trouble. How could I kill my sister, anyway?"

"They said you're gonna live, Lils. You're going to live. You'll be ok, just like I kept telling you you would be. But after you wake up, you have to stay here for a while, until you're all better, physically. Even then you can't go home! Then you'll get transferred to the mental section."

She paused and pushed a strand of hair out of Lily's face. "You mean the world to me, Lils."

"You scared mom. Can't say about dad. I'm not even sure if he even knows. Everyone at school's wondering what happened to you. Mom said I could tell them on Monday." Gabriella laughed. "Today's Friday, Lils. It's been five days you've been here. Mom said I don't have to come home tonight. Or tomorrow. But I have to come back home Sunday night for school. I'm sorry."

"Damien's going to spend the night," she said, as he walked in. "His mom already said it was ok, as long as it was ok with the hospital." He nodded, wishing Lily could see it.

"Believe it or not, he's worried about you, too. We all miss you, Lils, we all do. Emma's worried sick over her big sister and Jack's worried sick about his little sister, but he can't get away from college at the time being. It's strange, he's studying for finals for next week, but he said as soon as they're done on Monday, that he'd come and visit you. Mom's bringing Emma tomorrow."

"I love you, Lils. I don't know what I'd do without you. You can't leave me, Lils, you can't! Buddy hasn't been the same. He's whining all night long; same with Paige. They know something happened to you."

"It hurts to wake up in the morning and not see you there. It's too quiet to walk to school everyday without you and walk back."

Damien sat down next to his girlfriend and put his arm around her, half hugging her.

"Dance was really quiet yesterday. They asked where you were. But I just couldn't say it, Lils. I sat down against the wall and just watched them dance, tears streaming down my face."

"Liz and Thia don't know. They're mad at me for not telling them. They said if we're really friends, I could tell where you are. I keep asking mom, but she says, "on Monday, Ella, Monday; wait that long, please." I miss you Lils."

"I miss you too," said Damien. He paused. "Lunch isn't the same. Thia doesn't joke around anymore and Liz isn't talking to Ella, Sam, or me."

"Every time a teacher gives Ella some homework for you, she can't take it. You don't know what you're putting us all through. We can only guess what you're going through, but it's hard enough for us as it is and now you tried to kill yourself."

Two nurses rolled in a bed each. "you're lucky she's got her own room," one said, jestering with her hand after the bed was in place, "otherwise we couldn't do it."

Ella sniffed haughtily and said, "if she had a roommate, we would buy her out of it."

The second nurse laughed. "Kids these days," she said, "think they can buy anything."

Damien's face blared red. "If you mean by anything, buy kinder staff for the hospital, then yeah, we could afford that."

"Do you know how much we get paid, little boy?" asked the first nurse.

Ella turned to face the other way. "It would probably be cheaper to fire you two and find two nicer nurses. Plus, the hospital would really enjoy the latest equipment, free of charge, and the respect of the Jenkins."

One nurse paled- the white nurse, that is. The Mexican nurse looked more puzzled than mad.

"Nor would they mind the respect and monthly charity of the Rodriguez's, Señora," Damien added.

"And I'm sure the Walkers wouldn't mind, either," they both said, adding in for Sam.

"Now get out, Annya, or I'll tell my mother that you have a second job," Damien said, referring to the fact that Annya was their maid.

"Sí, señor," was all that was heard as they both fled the room.

Ella laughed. "What a joy I get over having parents who are filthy rich!"

"Me too!" laughed Damien. But then he stopped. "Not that this is a laughing matter," he said solemnly.

Ella smiled sadly. She said, "true," and sat on one of the beds. Damien hopped on and sat behind her, pulling her onto his lap and giving her a hug.

"Everything will be alright," he said and laid her down, covering her up with one of the many blankets. "Now, sleep," he said and did the same to himself on the bed right next to hers.

"Good-night," they said, and both drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

AN: is this a oneshot or not?