If this piece looks vaguely familiar, that is because it has edited and reposted. It's a very disjointed drabble of rather mismatched thoughts about how the world loves actors, and for all they care, genuine personalities can remain behind the curtain, where they belong, forever. But they shouldn't.

The Girl Behind the Curtain

Lately I've been prone to tension headaches.

I wish people would stop acting offstage.

I love you. You're perfect. Now change. I love you. You're perfect, but here are a few things you could do better. How does it not make you just want to scream sometimes?

The way I see it you have two choices: get what you want or be who you are. I've chosen. And you can't make me reconsider.

I wish people would just get over the fact they can't talk me out of being who I am already.

It's really too bad people are starting to realize that the world loves people pleasers.

I'm tired of having to explain that my identity is nonnegotiable.

Playing the part they want you to play is how you get what you want. That's why I don't want it anymore. Or so I tell myself.

Who would question the authenticity of someone who tells them what they want to hear?

Why is everyone afraid to say what they mean for fear of who might hear it, if we're so free? Life is one big audition, that's why. Better not say anything that could possibly offend the director or screw up your chances if you want applause, dearie.

Being who everyone else wants you to be is the path of least resistance. But that doesn't mean you take it.

People are always willing to suspend their disbelief to see what they want to see. Welcome to your beautiful illusion of choice.

Everyone who told you to just be yourself seems awfully eager to talk you out of being who you are now. Be more social. Be less independent. Be more inhibited. Be less like yourself. Be more likable.

What does that even mean?

Be more likable?

More likable to whom?


Well, we already know that's impossible, dear. Even if your definition of everyone does not include yourself.

I am what I am what I am and that is who I choose to be.

And I'm the only one I've ever had to please.

All of the world is a stage and all the men and women are but actors... unfortunately.

So tell the audience the actress refuses to learn the lines they want to hear.

Then dim the lights, close the curtains, and take me away from all these actors, please.