Chapter 1


AUTHORS NOTE: I HAVE to thank KageOnizuka for being the like best co-author in the world…couldn't have done this with out him. This fic is M for sum yuri (girl/girl) scene, language n graphic violence don't read if you don't like any of that…

CO- AUTHORS NOTE: KageOnizuka here! what the hell am I supposed to say in this thing...OH YEAH. Thanks to FallenAngel2881 for being the greatest partner a guy could as for! :p Yeah this story is COMPLETELY original and the characters are OURS! So if you steal them I'll hunt you down and...well I'll have a big stick with me. Enjoy!

Vincent walked through the door's of the hotel room. He threw his bags on the bed and collapsed in the couch.

"Longest flight...ever!" he said, kicking off his shoes and removing the goggles from his forehead. He looked down at the gloves he wore. The metal plating reflected light onto his face, shedding light on his sad eyes. After a few minutes he snapped back to normal. "Wonder where the hell she is. I told her 3:00...eastern standard time…fucking time zones. Who the fuck thought those damn things up anyways?" Vincente screamed as he heard the door click open.

A woman walked in wearing a black cloak. Vincente's head snapped in the direction of the door.

"You're early." she said, setting her bags down on the bed next to his.

"Time zone mix up…just lucky you're here early too. If you weren't you'd be lookin for me for a while." Vincente said as he slid down in the couch. Mel plopped down on his chest causing him to grunt and look up at her.

"Told you that'd be the first thing I do." the woman removed her cloak, purring. Her eyes stared down at Vincente teasingly. "Is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to see me." she said causing him to blush.

"Yes, Mel, I'm happy to finally see you after all this time…and yes that's one of the knives hidden in my pants." Vincente relaxed as Mel rested her head on his shoulder and nipped at his neck. "OWWW" Vincente screamed holding his back.

"What's wrong? I didn't hurt you did I?" Mel asked worried.

"No, Sis, you didn't. It's Them. I think they're pissed we finally met. Just my wings acting up." he said rubbing his shoulders.

"Aww…poor little Ototo-chan." Mel said scratching behind his ears, causing him to blush and twitch his leg.

"Say when's Rikki getting here?" Vincente asked in between groans.

"I've been here for like five minutes watching you get redder by the second." a second woman said as she plopped down on Mel's lap causing Vincente to grunt again from the added weight.

"What? Are you saying you don't like having two women on top of you?" Mel said smiling.

"Uhh, Mel…This time I think he actually can't breathe." Rikki laughed as they got off his chest and onto his lap. "Better?"

"Hmm…the view ain't as good, but at least I can breathe now." Vincente clapped his hands over his mouth when he realized what he said.

"Geez for a 17 year old you got one hell of a dirty mind." Rikki giggled.

"Heh yeah, well I was bad before but look who I hang out with." Vincente said pointing at Mel.

"Yeh but I'm eight years older. I got an excuse there, lil' brother." Mel said pinching his cheeks with a devious smile.

"Well, I say your both insane." Rikki giggled.

"Yeah, but you love every fucking minute of it." Mel and Vincente said in unison.

"Literally, every fucking minute." Mel winked at Rikki, causing her to blush.

"Okay Mel you didn't have to go there…breathe Vinnie! Don't make me have Mel give you mouth to mouth." Rikki said looking at her lover.

"That'll only encourage him to hold his breath longer." the two girls giggled.

"Christ, this is a weird group." Vincente muttered to himself.

"Yeah, two witches and a ninja that just so happens to be a holy man. I mean, aren't witches and holy men not supposed to get along…and hey aren't ninja supposed to like live in mountains and stuff?" Rikki asked.

"Hey like I said, the movies get shit wrong all the fuckin time, and yes it is weird that I just so happen to get along so well with you guys. But hey, if the masters tell me to leave you guys they'll be sorry they said that." Vincente gave the two thumbs up.

"Yeah, remember the last guy who insulted us for being lesbians."

"Oh, you mean the one who was in the hospital because Vinnie broke his nose and just bout took his arm off." Mel laughed remembering the last time Vinnie snapped.

"He fucking had it coming. No one talks shit about you guys without at least that. You didn't see what I did to that necromancer that said he'd kill every Wiccan in existence."

"Isn't that the one like seven times more powerful then you? Yet somehow you still managed to kick his ass?"

"Yeah, he isn't as good a melee fighter as he let's off. PFF, third degree Aikido master my ass. I had a knife at his throat before he could fucking get into stance."

"Geez, were you this devoted back then? Mel, this might be the only guy you might actually wanna keep around, do so will ya."

"You know it, Angel. We swore to always be friends. He's like a brother to me." Mel said blushing. Whenever she let someone get this close to her they normally screwed her over. She distanced herself from everyone that tried to get close to her. "He's the only guy I felt like this for."

"Yeah and if I ever find one of those people who hurt you I'll…I'll…let's just say the hell I send them to will seem like heaven after I get through with them. They'll be eating there own entrails by the time I get through with them." Vincente said clenching a shaking fist as chi flowed into the fist creating a slight glow.

"Down puppy." Rikki said patting his head. "Remember the last time you got angry. You didn't even have to throw a punch at that guy."

"So are you gonna sit on me all day or what? Cause if you are I'd greatly appreciate one of you unbuttoning me shirt for me. It's gettin kinda hot." Vincente said with a nervous look on his face.

"Hmm...should we help him Angel." Mel said looking down at Vincente.

"Yea, he's been a good seat." Rikki said lightly kissing Mel, who deepened the kiss.

"Okay damn, seriously unbutton my shirt or what you guys are doing right now is gonna make me even hotter. Oh shit!" Vincente shut his mouth quickly once again. He turned ten shades of red as Mel's hand unbuttoned his blood red dress shirt and scratched his chest through the under shirt beneath.

"Now be a good boy and no touching." Mel winked.

"That's kinda hard when you're sitting on my hands." Vincente said squeezing Mel's ass causing her to jump out of the chair with Rikki on top of her. Mel landed on top of Rikki and smiled before slowly removing her shirt and her left hand disappeared into Rikki's jeans. Vincente sat there with his mouth wide open. "That's just wrong…"

"What the fact that I'm...uhh...about to...ahh...or the fact that we're doin this in front of you and you can't do...unn...anything." Rikki strained to say. Mel silenced her with a deep kiss as she moaned into her lover's mouth.

"Err...both." Vincente grunted looking away.

'You know you want to!' A smuggish voice said in Vincente's head.

"Mononoke, shut your mouth right now!" Vincente screamed aloud.

Mel chuckled as she continued to tease and pleasure her lover. "Gotta love inner demons." She nipped Rikki's neck slightly to stop her lover from pulling her hair.

"Okay." Vincente said getting up from the couch. "Well when you two are done making a mess over there gimme a ring. I need a drink." Vincente said grabbing one of the room keys from the counter as he headed for the gas station.

"Why the fuck do I feel this way all the time?" Vincente sighed sadly as he stepped out the gas station. He took a long swig of the Bawls high caffine drink in his hand and discarded the empty bottle before grabbing one of the remaining three drinks in the bag and headed off towards the nearest arcade. "Maybe some DDR will clear me mind."

"Vinnie!" A girl yelled out from afar.

Vincente looked over to see a blonde haired girl and black haired girl running towards him. "Mel? Rikki?"

The blonde leapt and tackle hugged Vincente to the ground. "Ha! glomped ya!"

Mel laughed and pulled the blonde off Vincente. "Angel it's not nice to kill the holy man."

Rikki laughed and looked down at Vincente. "I didn't kill you did I, Mr. Holy man?" Rikki spoke in a childish voice.

"No...just fixed the kink in my knee, thanks now I can freestyle." he said patting Rikki on the head.

"That's what I wanna hear. Just don't spend all your money." Mel said remembering how her friends said told her just how much DDR Vincete played to get to his level.

"Don't worry I already foresaw me finding an arcade, so I brought a few extra hundred dollars." Vincente said patting Rikki on the back as he picked her up and got up from the floor, throwing her over his shoulder.

"You big oaf lemme down!" Rikki screamed beating on Vincente's back. "Mel help!"

"Hmm...Rikki I think you deserve it." Mel said, putting her hand under her chin. "Besides I really like the view." She walked faster catching up to Vincente, laughing. "Besides I kinda like the view of your ass from right here."

After several hours at the arcade watching Vincente play DDR and Mel and Vincente teaming up and playing House of the Dead the three decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel. Vincente placed a soft kiss on each of the girl's foreheads and went to one of the beds and Mel and Rikki took the other. Mel smiled as Rikki laid her head on Mel's chest draping her arm across Mel's stomach. Mel draped her arms around her lover and fell asleep. Mel twitched and moaned slightly as she dreamt. Little did she know this wasn't a dream nor was she aware of the newest form inside her.