Chapter 12


A single leaf spun to the ground and rested on the top of the twin tombstones in the clearing. The only light in the area beamed down from two seperate holes in the think folleage above and cascaded down above and illuminated the area around the graves. Vincente walked into the clearing, brushing away a twig that stood in front of him. He stood before the gravestones and placed a single red rose on each grave before sitting down and pulling a gourd filled with wine from his robes sleeve.

"Another fine day eh mom? Grandmother?" he closed his eyes before taking a short drink from the gourd and placed the cork back in the containers opening. He arose slowly, grunting as he finally got to his feet and looked down at the graves. "Think I'll stay for a while longer." he said grabbing ahold of a tree branch and pulling himself up. A yawn escaped his mouth as he leaned against the tree and closed his eyes, falling into a soft sleep before a cracking sound awoke him. "Don't bloody tell me..." he cursed as the branch snapped and he fell to the ground with a yelp. He grunted and rubbed his head before a startled high pitched cry was heard from underneath the branch. Lifting the wood up Vincente gasped as a small black kitten clawed at the ground, trying to move, it's hind right leg broken and lieing at an odd angel. "Oh by the Lord! I'm sorry! No..." Vincente said as he rummaged through his robes for a small leather pouch. "Hang on, this is going to hurt." he said softly as he stroked the kitten's head. He pulled out a small stick and, using it as a splint, set the kittens leg back to its original positions and wrapped it cloath and rubbed an herbal sauve on the area. The kitten mewed softly as Vincente tore off his left sleeve and wrapped the kitten in it as he scooped it up and ran back towards the house.

Vincente reached the door as it came flinging open and slammed into his face, sending him to the ground, his nose bleeding. "Oww...what in hell Mel?" he said holding his nose with one hand, and the kitten in the other.

Mel chuckled. "Sorry Vinnie I didn't know you were." Mel saw the kitten. "Aw a kitten." Mel looked back at Vincente. "Why do you have a kitten?"

"I fell out of a tree and I landed on him and well...accidently broke the little guys leg." Vincente said holding the cat close and stroking it's head. "We gotta make sure he'll be okay."

"Ok its cute but you're a klutz." Mel took the kitten and held it close as it started to purr. "So what ya name it?"

"Uhh...didn't think of that." Vincente said holding his bleeding nose. "Can we go fix me now the kittys fine." He said as the kitten turned its head towards Vincente and back towards Mel as it closed it's eyes and purred loudly. "Raquel get me a towel." Vincente said as he went to the room he shared with Mel. He crawled under the sheets and relaxed. "I guess we should call the little guy Jinx..seeing as he jinxed me to fall out of the tree." Vincente said taking the kitten from Mel and smiling as it fell asleep in his arms.

Mel smirked. "Yea ok Jinx it is."

Raquel soon walked in with a towel as she walked in Mel walked out. "Here."

"Thanks." Vincente said placing it on his nose and trying to stop the flow of blood. He sighed and closed his eyes before petting Jinx softly.

"Aw kitty." Raquel pet it softly. "Aw your hurt you poor little thing. Here let me fix that" Raquel touched the kittens leg and her hands emitted a soft white glow. She then took the splint off. "Good as new."

Vincente stared as Jinx got up and pranced around the bed happily before rolling around and looking at Raquel and Vincente. "And what are you looking at you minx?" Vincente said grabbing Jinx and setting him down on a pillow.

"Sorry I'll go before I heal anything else." Raquel stood and bowed then turned to leave.

"What'd I say?" Vincente said as he looked at Jinx then back at Raquel.

"I'm just used to people being mad at me for healing…they call me a witch because of it…I'm sorry."

"Umm...I was talking to the cat...rather playfully too." Vincente said pointing at Jinx. "Sorry if you misunderstood." he shrugged. "Once again, I may be catholic but I have no problem with witches or gypsies or anything for that matter." he said closing his eyes and lying back. "I'm not sure if you know but my grandmother and mother were witchs...my father and grandfather were the catholic ones in the family."

"I see." Raquel leaned in and started to pet the playful kitten and her lips brushed past Vincente's as she sat up.

Vincente stared at Raquel for a moment before blushing and looking back at Jinx. "Uh...well...umm...cute cat...huh?" he said stammering.

"Very cute cat." She smiled softly.

Vincente laughed nervously before looking away blushing. He laughed as Jinx got up and walked over to Raquel and climbed up her sleeve and stood on her head and looked down at her.

"Ok now that's not fair." Raquel laughed.

"Yes it is." Vincente said, still looking away.

"Hey why are you looking away?" Raquel poked Vincente in the side careful not to let kitty fall off.

"Blushin'... you know..when u grabbed Jinx...you came pretty close heh." Vincente said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yea your point?" Raquel laughed.

"Uh...Nothing...I'm just shy towards woman." Vincente said looking at Raquel quickly and then back at Jinx.

"Really now?" Raquel laughed. "I would never been able to tell."

"Hm..." Vincente sat up and looked at her for a moment before he sat on the edge of the bed near Raquel.

"Hmm yourself Vin." Raquel smiled.

"Heh...I don't know what to say ha." He said as he looked at Raquel. "Thanks for fixing his leg." he said as he patted Jinx's head before realizing how close he was to Raquel and blushed.

Raquel blushed herself and leaned in closer. "Forgive me." At that she leaned in and kissed Vincente. Mel smiled from the shadows of the door way before walking back to the kitchen.

Vincente stood still for a long time, dead in his seat as Raquel broke the kiss. "Wha...wha...what was that for?" he said as he stammered. Jinx meowed lightly.

"I'm sorry…I won't do it again unless you want me to." Raquel smiled down at Jinx as he climbed into her lap and laid down purring looking between Vincente and his pillow.

"But why me?" he said as he got up and removed his robe and reached for a long sleeved shirt. He scratched at one of the long scars on his back before sighing at the feel of it and pulled the shirt over his head.

"I could heal that if you want." Raquel looked up at Vincente from the bed. "why you what?"

"Some things can't be healed." he said as he grabbed his cloak and threw it around his body. "Come Jinx." he said as the kitten jumped into his hands and sat queitly as Vincente set him atop his head. "Why did you want to kiss me?" he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm sorry if you didn't like it…I won't do it again…its just that I like you…a lot…forgive me for I am weak…"

"Jeez." Vincente said grabbing her hand. "Get up. Your coming with me." he laughed. He grabbed his grandfathers sword off the wall and walked to the kitchen and gradded another goard filled with wine. "Mel we'll be back in a while I have to go see Midea."

Mel blinked. "Ok? Since when am I your keeper huh?" Mel smirked and adjusted her now black shirt then went back to mixing her runes.

"Just telling you." he said as he walked out of the door. "Okay Raquel...first off you aren't weak for kissing me. Second, how can you like me so fast? We've only known each other for a few days." he shrugged, walking slow to make sure Jinx didn't lose his balance.

"I told you I was weak…besides I was talking with Mel and told her I had a crush on you and she told me to act on it."

"You aren't weak for doing that." Vincente said as he sat down on a rock. "Just say what you got to say."

Raquel blinked. "What do you mean? I've said all I needed to say for now."

"Ok then, good." Vincente said getting up and walking towards the town.

"So what's the reason we're going to see this Midea?"

"No reason." he said putting his hands in his pockets and looked up at the sky, making sure to grab Jinx so he wouldn't fall off. "I just need a place to stay and clear my head for a few days and her place is just relaxing. Heh she pampers me...heh even though we are the same age she treats me like a son."

"So why bring me? Shouldn't someone be with Mel?"

"I was just interested in what you had to say." he shrugged. "You don't have to come. You can go back if you want. I brought you cause you need to lighten up. And maybe one of her meals and her hot tub might do the trick."

"Hot tub! Oh my god yes! Mel's a big girl she can care for herself." Raquel snatched Jinx and flopped him on her shoulder.

Vincente stared at her confused. "Well that certainly was a turn around." he said as he entered the city and nodded to several of the merchants and a priest. "She lives just right over there." Vincente said leading Raquel to a house on the outskirts of town. He reached up and knocked on the door before laughing and walking around the house and picking the lock on the back door and sneaking inside.

"Hello." Mideas said waiting for him at the back door. "I fall for that a hundred time and the first time I get you is when I am not even trying." she said smacking him on the back of the head.

"Yeah yeah very funny haha." Vincente said walking inside the house. "I just came to relax for the night...I visited my families graveyard again and you know how I get after that..."

"Stay as long as you need." she said closing the back door and leading the two of them to a room in the back of the house with a bubbling hot tube and a bowl of fruit with a decanter of wine next to it. "I thought you'd be coming so I got you some of your favorites."

"Midea you're a saint really." Vincente laughed.

"Just take care of yourself." she laughed. "Who's this your new girlfriend or something?" she said pointing at Raquel.

Raquel look at Vincente then at Midea. "More like a girl who hopes to be."

"Good lord woman." Midea said walking up to her and whispering in her ear. "If you REALLY want him you gotta play with his hair and scratch behind his ears." Midea said giggling. "Plus don't leave when he gets in the hot tub he WILL insist on you two taking turns."

"Okay stop whispering you two." Vincente said as sipped on the wine in his hand. "Well Raquel just tell me when you're done in here will you? I'll be outside the room." he said heading towards the door."

Raquel winked at Midea. "Hey lets go hop in the hot tub."

"Say what?" Vincente said looking back at her confused, blushing.

"You heard me. It'll give us summin to do while Midea gets her things done."

"Uhh...well uh..." Vincente said blushing as he walked towards Raquel. "What are you trying to say?"

Raquel laughed. "Just get your ass in the hot tub." Raquel spoke softly as she rubbed Vincente behind the left ear.

"Gaaaaaaa..." he twitched as he slid off his cloaths, blushing and slidding down into the hot tub. "Happy now?" he said as Jinx hopped into the movie.

Raquel smirked and unclasped her cape then unclasped the short shirt she was wearing then untied her shirt and let them both fall to the ground and sat down in the tub with Vincente. "You must like what you see your nose is bleeding."

"Uh...yeah..." Vincente said trying to hide himself and his blushing face by hiding under the water. "Very nice."

Raquel smirked and lifted Vincente up into a sitting position and straddled his lap sitting down. "Mmmm such strong legs." She then leaned in and kissed him deep.

Vincente stammered heavily as he looked around. "Uh...what are you doing?"

Raquel frowned and got off of Vincente and leaned against a rock farther away from him. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok." Vincente said wading over to her and putting patting her on the shoulder. "I'm just nervous...kind of me first time haha!"

Raquel blinked. "You gotta be kidding."

"Why is that so hard to believe?" Vincente asked blushing. "I've never done anything like this before." he said running the back of his neck.

"I could show you how if you want." Raquel blushed a little.

Vincente's eyes got big as he became painfully aware of how he was reacting. "Umm...well...uh...you see...uhh...I'm a...well...I'm nervous and uh...well..." he trailed off as his blushing got worse.

Raquel smirked. "Well one part of you isn't nervous."

"I'd have to agree with you on that one." Vincente groaned nervously as he covered himself with his hands and closed his eyes. Without knowing it his head drifted to Raquel's shoulder and rested there.

Raquel smiled. "I could help with that."

"GAH!" Vincente screamed as his head snapped up. "I don't...uhh...well...if you...uhh want." he stammered

Raquel smiled. "I do want." At that she kissed Vincente tenderly feeling his body relax. She removed his hands from his lap and as she straddled his lap she pushed him inside her. She moaned into the kiss and rocked her hips as she placed her forehead against his moaning again softly.

Vincente groaned as he threw his head back and moaned in pleasure as he put his arms around Raquel and closed his eyes hard and buried his face into her chest beore kissing her.

Raquel moaned. "I thought you didn't know how to do this…" Raquel moaned and rolled her head to the side.

"I don't." Vincente grunted as he gritted his teeth in ecstasy and grabbed Raquel and held her tight, breathing heavily. He started to move his hips in unison with hers as he pulled her towards him.

Raquel moaned lightly and snapped her head back and repeated Vincente's name before placing her head on his chest not moving and not stopping her hips from rocking.

Vincente gasped and tensed his muscles as he pressed hard into Raquel as he felt himself about to climax. "Raquel...please...cum with me." he grunted as he pumped his hips into her and held on for her.

Raquel bit into Vincente's shoulder to silence her urge to scream and yell Vincente's name as she came hard. Raquel looked at Vincente breathing heavy. "You….did…..well." Raquel bit her bottom lips as her breathing slowed.

"I don't know what to say." Vincente said as he put his arms around her neck and collapsed into her.

"Just say you enjoyed it."

"I enjoyed it." he said as he caught his breath. "How can I replay you?" he asked as he closed his eyes and removed himself from inside Raquel and sat beside her.

She smiled. "keep me warm?"

"Your in a hot tub..." Vincente said confused. "Try again." he laughed as he put his arm around her.

Raquel smiled. "Feed me?"

Vincente smiled as he grabbed a peice of fruit from the bowl behind them and grabbed a peice as he began to feed Raquel. "This is uhh...all new to me..." he blushed, hiding his face.

"As cute as the blushing is stop it your embarrassing me." Raquel giggled as she blushed.

"Shut up!" Vincente laughed, embarrassed. "Or better yet I'll do it for you." he said as he put his arm around her neck and kissed her lightly. "So you really want to be mine that bad huh?" he asked, breaking the kiss.

"Yes…" Raquel spoke softly blushing heavily.

"Okay then...prove it to me." Vincente stuck his tongue out at her playfully.

"I thought I just did…Unless this is your way of saying you want more?"

"I'm just tormenting you." he laughed. "But if you want me you gotta tell me why first." he stuck his tongue out at her.

"It should be more then obvious why I should."

"Cause." he smirked. "You gotta say it." Vincente laughed as he pet Jinx.

Raquel blushed horridly. "Because…well…because I love you…"

"And?" Vincente smiled. "Come on...why is that hm?" he laughed contently.

Raquel growled and slapped him playfully. "I'll not feed your ego any longer."

"Aww but it's fun." he sighed and rest his head on her shoulder and looked up at her. "I've just never really had anyone like me this much. Anyways...Midea probubly has dinner done by now so we'd best get going." he said as he climbed out of the hot tub and held his hand out to Raquel to help her out. He blushed heavily as he watched her wet body emerge from the water.

"Like what you see holy man?"

Vincente stammered extremely before hugging Raquel and burying his face in her chest. Upon realizing what he was doing he snapped to attention and blushed. "You are a bad influence on me." his eyes went wide.
She smiled softly at the woman standing behind them. "He's a horny one I tell you."

"Who?" Vincente looked up at Raquel. "It's your fault!" he laughed. "Your...chest...is uh...so aluring...yeah lets go with that."

"I don't think your friend is going to buy that."

"Mid...it isn't what it looks like...I was...warming my face!" he said holding Raquel.

"Warming up...in a hot tub room...right." Midea laughed.

"Well define warming up because-" Vincente quickly covered Raquel's mouth.

"Nothing happened!" Vincente blushed. "You are both imagining all of this! You are under my spell!" he said making swirling movements with his hands.

"Yes, Master!" Midea said as she pushed Vincente into the hot tub. "Come on dinners ready." she left the room huffing.

"But it's hot!" Vincente said splashing in the hot tub.

Raquel looked back at Vincente. "Only witch around here is Mel so nice try." Raquel slowly got dressed.

A grumble escaped Vincente's mouth as he got out of the hot tub. He reached for a towel and dried himself off as he slipped on his pants and loosely tied his shirt around himself as he walked by Raquel and stopped and put his arms around her.

Raquel smiled. "May I help you master?" she giggled softly.

"I'm fine." he laughed before resting his head on hers and smiled. "You...think of something...smell nice?" he laughed.

"I smell nice huh." Raquel laughed.

Mel stretched as she yawned before going back to her runes. She shook her head and smiled softly as she drew the exact same runes she had drawn before. "Ok this is boaring…"

Meanwhile at the local pub an angry mob was forming. "That demon has slain her last slayer tonight that witch dies!"

A guy stepped out of the shadows. "I'd love to help I despise witch's."

The mob headed for the shack Mel was in. She heard them but didn't care. She looked out the window at her lovers grave and a twisted smile formed on her lips. "I'll be joining you soon my love."

Just then the mob came in and a large guy picked Mel up and held her as another walked up to her. "You've killed for the last time witch." At that he buried his sword deep into Mel's side.

The stranger never once drew his sword but killed 10 men with it. "Are you ok?"

Mel slowly got up and looked at the man with black eyes. "We're fine…" she growled and took out the last five men before collapsing to the floor.

The stranger shook his head and carried Mel to a room and laid her on the bed and quickly healed the internal stuff then dressed the wound. "You've a very strong presence inside you young one." He placed a hand on her forehead before walking to the chair on the other side of the room.

Vincente slowly walked towards the woods and sniffed vigourously as a strange scent wafted through the air. "Something's wrong..." he charged towards the direction of his house. He balled his hands into fists and gritted his teeth as he scramed and increased his pace, red light seemed to enimate from his legs.

Raquel took off after him. "Vinnie wait up."

Vincente stopped in his tracks and growled. "On..now!" he said picking her up and throing her on his shoulders. "Hold on!" he ran as fast as his feet would take him. He skidded to a halt as he saw the bodies outside his home. "Wait...here." he growled as he set Raquel down. Charging into the house Vincente grabbed the hilt of his sword and ran towards the stranger in his house. He thrust the blade forward, slamming the hilt into the man's back. He drew the remainder of the blade and held it firmly in both hands. "Get the bloody hell out of here now before I make you no better off then those corpses outside my door.

Mel walked into the room and growled at Vincente. "If it wasn't fer him I'd be dead now get off him now." Mel stared at Vincente.

"Fine." Vincente took his sword and dug it into the wall, leaving it, before turning and leaving the cabin.

Raquel stopped him. "What's wrong? What happened?"

Mel looked and saw blood running down her side but when outside after Vincente. "Vinnie I'm sorry I snapped don't be like this."

Vincente stepped over the bodies as he took a gourd of wine from his sleeve along with an apple and walked into the forest, disappearing.

Raquel looked at Mel. "Don't look at me holy girl he's your man."

"That's not it. Your bleeding quit badly."

"Don't worry bout me, go find Vinnie."

Raquel nodded and walked into the forest. "Vinnie…Vinnie where did you go? Come on Mel's hurt pretty bad and I could use the help."

"I need time to think." Vincente said appearing from behind a tree before locking eyes with Raquel and turning away, walking into the forest.

"Vinnie! Don't you care she's hurt? She's gonna need stitches I need someone she trusts to hold her down."

"Well I don't know what to say." Vincente stopped in his tracks.

"What do you mean?"

"Just make sure she's okay." he sat down and cracked his knuckles.

"Were you not listening? I need your help."

Vincente closed his eyes and took a long breath and held it for a few seconds. "She wouldn't need me damned help if I only did my fucking job." he punched the ground hard leaving an indention of his fist behind. "This happens way too much, I should do something!"

"You can start by helping me mend her wound. After that we'll leave. We'll move away from here. Move to a new town and start a new life."

"Don't you see...it don't matter where we move they'll always come after her!" he hung his head in silence for a moment. "Let's go..." he got up and walked towards the house.

"Yes lets go." The two slowly walked back to the cabin. Raquel saw the stranger still there. "Is she still in her room?"

"Yea she's still there."

Raquel nodded. "Stay here we'll be back." Raquel looked at Vincente. "Come on Vinnie."

A growl escaped Vincente's throat as he entered the room and saw Mel in bed. "I have no idea what to do why do you need me?"

"Because Mel dislikes needles and I'll need a needle to stitch her up. I don't need her flipping out and going demon on me."

"Fine." a sigh escaped Vincente's mouth as he sat beside Mel and looked at her. Worry filled his eyes as he looked on as Raquel threaded the needle. "At least for me just don't freak out ok?" he said looking at the wound on Mel's side.

"What you mean don't freak out? When was the last time I freaked….OUCH GOD DAMN IT!"

Raquel jumped away. "I'm sorry don't kill me."

"Just get this over with will you."

Vincente took Mel by the hand. "Just don't break me hand will you."

Mel growled. "Wait break your hand? Why would i? GOD DAMN IT RAQUEL!"

"Sorry no numbing agent."

"Hold on...damn man." Vincente left the room and returned a few moments later with a bag and a block of ice. "Take you pick...ice." he said lifting the block. "Or herbs?"

"Either at this point." Mel growled again as Raquel kept sewing.

"Eat." he said handing her a few leaves. "Just don't mind the bad taste."

OH MY FUCKING GOD THESE ARE NASTY!" Mel gagged slightly as she swallowed.

"Warned you...sorry." Vincente sighed and sat next to her. "Just hurry up Raquel."

"I'm hurrying really."

Vincente sighed and closed his eyes."This sucks..."

"What does?" Mel growled again.

"Almost done Mel I swear."

"Ugh...just chill out and stay calm Vinnie." Vincente chanted to himself. "Be happy it isn't you doing the stitching! You'd sew her to the bed!" he muttered.

Mel raised an eyebrow. "You'd sew me to the bed huh."

"I suck at sewing." Vincente said lying down next to her and putting a hand over his face and sighed.

"Done Mel."

Mel smirked and streached and pushed Vincente to the floor. "Oh I'm sorry." Mel laughed.

Vincente growled lightly as he jumped to his feet and left the room. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of corn seeds and put a few of them into his mouth. "I'll be back." he said as he left through the door and walked into the forest.

Mel looked at Raquel. "What's the matter with him?"

Raquel shrugged. "Beats me been like this since Midea's."

The stranger shook his head. "I'm sure my presence isn't helping any."

Jinx clawed at the door before meowing and looking up at Mel. He leapt up to the window and clawed at the glass.

"What's with the kitty?"

Jinx drug his nose across the bottom of the window before pawing at it again, almost as if wanting to follow after Vincente. He looked back at the others and meowed before patting on the glass with his paws again.

Mel looked at Jinx and smiled. "Hop up on my shoulder lil one we'll go find him." Mel looked back at the stranger. "Can you please watch over her till I return?"

"Would be an honor."

Mel nodded. "Well come on kitty."

Jinx pounced forward and ran into the forest. After several minutes the two of them came to a large cemetary. The ground was littered with dry autumn leaves and vines covering the tomb stones. Vincente rustled out from under a pile of leaves, yawning, before returning to his task of cleaning the tomb stones.

Mel sent Jinx after Vincente. "Sick him boy!"

Vincente snapped to attention as Jinx came running at him. He quickly moved to the side, sending the small cat into a pile of leaves.

"Why'd you come?" he said pulling the veins of another tombstone and brushing it clean with his robes sleeve.

"Cuz you left all pissy but ok fine I'll go."

Vincente looked on in silence before stopping what he was doing and cracking his neck. "Sorry." he said as he turned around and tore the vines and debris from a monument in the shape of a large angel.

"For what? I should have known better then to come see if you were ok." Mel clutched her wounded side and growled inhumanly. "I'm…gunna…go…."

Vincente sighed and sat down, running his hands through the leaves. "Just give me time ok?" he said hiding his head under a large leaf. "Maybe we both just need to relax...roll in the leaves...it helps." he said throwing leaves ontop of Jinx's head who tried to swat them away as they fell.

Mel took a few steps away and fell to her knees. She shook her head a few times and tried to stand. "Fuck…" An inhuman growl escaped her lips as a trail of crimson ran down her side.

Vincente sighed and got up from the ground and walked over to Mel. "Lets get you home. You shouldn't be out here."

Mel growled at him. "What do you care? Just go back to doin' what you where doing I'll be fine…" Mel stood slowly and started to walk away.

"Hey just calm down alright..." Vincente sighed. "I'm sorry okay..." he placed a hand on her shoulder cautiously.

Mel shrugged it off. "What do you mean calm down? I'm fine." An evil chuckle escaped Mel's lips.

Vincente raised an eyebrow in confusion before steping in front of her. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Mel just smirked evily. "I'm fine holy man."

Vincente's eyes narrowed as he locked eyes with Mel. "Just call me by my name. Come on let's go home." he said turning and walking towards the forest, Jinx resting in his arms.
Mel's now black eyes narrowed as she smirked revealing a fang. "Whatever you say holy man, whatever you say."

"I have a name you brat." he said as he sat down on a log and yawned. "I just need a minute I've been working ever since I left." he said as he closed his eyes and began to drift off to sleep, Jinx trying to wake him, frantically.

Mel smirked. "Sleep holy man…I'll see you later at the house." Mel then walked off.

Several hours later Jinx sank his claws into Vincente's face and slashed, meowing frantically. "What the hell cat?!" Vincente said as he watched him run off. "Wait up!" he said chasing Jinx back to the house before stopping to catch his breath when he saw Mel. "Hey."


"Is everything okay?" he said catching his breath.

Mel's jet black eyes twinkled as she smirked. "Fine why?"

"You just don't seem yourself..." he said inspecting her. "And your eyes aren't black unless you someone else..."

"You never asked who I was just if I was ok." Mel smirked. "Besides look at her side, she's bleeding like a stuck pig I'm keeping her conscious so we can actually make it back."

"Fine then...who are you cause I don't recognize you."

"Names Enyo holy man."

"I have a name you know." Vincente closed his eyes before snapping them open when he fekt something climb down the back of his shirt and begin clawing at his back. "Jinx get out of there!"

Mel smirked. "I know holy man. Looks like your kitty is scared."

"Call me by my name will you." Vincente jumped up and down and swatted at his back trying in vain to grab a hold of Jinx when finally the kitten fell from his shirt and plopped ontp the ground and meowed before climbing up Vincente's leg and resting on his outstretche arms. "Brat." he said nestling the cat in his arms."

"Jus walk holy man her bleeding is getting worse."

"You all never make any sense." Vincente said opening the door and taking Enyo to Mel's room. "Just relax for a while okay." he said sitting by the bed.

Mel looked at him. "I don't need to Mel does." Mel slowly redressed her wound then got in bed and slowly closed her eyes.

Vincente rested his head on the bed next to Mel. "Why do I have to love them both?"

After a few hours Mel opened her eyes slowly. Vinnie….Vinnie…what am I going to do with you….