The Date

Summary: Meeting up with a person (an ex-crush). Would they be together? Will she forgive him?

"Another day. A new tomorrow. A new goal. A new dream. A new hope" was instilled in Cassandra Smith's mind. This was instilled in her head to forget the hardship she has to overcome at her work.

Cassandra Smith is like all Americans who work at stressful job and has to deal with her coworkers who are not all the time friendly. Cassandra Smith worked at a business company, and worked with clients who were buying stocks in the company she worked at.

The business she worked made Cassandra work long hours and left her feet tired at the end of the day.

'I can use a cup of tea' thought Cassandra. She just had to deal with a client who left her with a very huge headache. 'More like Camille tea.'

The local coffee shop served tea as well as coffee, and Cassandra had a huge craving for only soda with caffeine not coffee. The Camille tea she got is decaffeinated but left Cassandra's head to feel better after a long day from work. So Cassandra left, telling her secretary that she has to go home because of a medical reason. Cassandra took her coat and left to go to the local coffee shop called St. Augustine's Coffee Shop. And not the coffee shop is not a super religious coffee shop, the owner thought that the name Augustine is a cool name.