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My parents went to bed an hour ago. I waited until I knew they'd be asleep for sure before I even began to contemplate a way to sneak out. I dressed myself as quietly as possibly and reached under the bed for my Keds. "Where the hell are they?" I whispered into the darkness. Finally I felt my shoes. I pulled them out and slipped them on not bothering to put on socks. After all I wouldn't be wearing any clothes at all soon enough. All I needed to do was cover myself so I could leave. A simple black tank-top and blue jeans was all I was wearing.

I slowly opened my window, careful not to make any noise for fear of waking my parents. I looked down, and thanked the gods that my bedroom was on the first floor. I swung my legs out the window and was about to jump into the bushes when I realized that I forgot one thing. My hair tie. I can't stand having my hair in my face. I brought my legs back inside and walked to my dresser running my hands slowly across the top feeling for a tie of any kind, hoping I didn't knock anything off. I found one! 'Great!' I put my ebony hair up in a bun and jumped out the window.

As I hit the dirt I made a slight squeak. 'Oh shit!' I scrambled up and looked toward my parents window. 'No lights! Thank the gods!' I turned on my heel and took off down the road in a light jog toward Ellen Gardens, the most wealthy part of town. Five blocks and two dogs later I arrived.

We were to meet here, at her house. I would stand and wait all night at the gates if I had to. I sat on the grass and wondered how long it would take for my beautiful lover to show up. 'Beautiful!' When had I started thinking of her like that. Though it did fit her. Her brown curly locks were more alluring than any boy could possibly be. I felt safe sitting in her arms, even if they held little muscle, and were nearly identical to my own. Her legs... there were no words to describe her legs. Unless she didn't shave... then they were prickly. Her lips were like that of a goddess, full, plump, and a light shade of pink that you couldn't resist. Her eyes were an unbelievebly dark blue. Her moca eyelashes were long and curved. Oh how she was blessed with the looks of the most alluring spirits.

Her house was huge. No! Bigger than huge! It was because her parents were rich. I bagged me a rich one! She always said that the only reason her parents let her stay home alone in the summers was because if someone broke into their house they'd get lost. Her parents were always gone, weather it was for bissness meetings, a lunchon, an international crisis, or (as was the case that praticular summer) an eight week cruise to Brazil.

"Isra!" My head shot up at the sound of her voice. 'Finally!'

"Thea!" I had waited what felt like an eternity when, in reality, it was just a few minuets.

"You're here!" she said smiling, while opening the large gates with her remote. Yep thats what I said. Remote. They were that rich. And still are.

"You kept me waiting." I pouted. I knew she liked it when I pouted and when I begged. But I wasn't begging tonight.

"I'm sorry baby." she smirked as the gate finally opened. I rushed forward and wrapped my arms around her kissing her passionaitly. We stayed like that until we heard a car comming. She pushed the button to close the gate, and we hurried to the marble stairs, leading to the door, hand in hand.

When we arrived at the door she pushed me up against it, her lips slamming down on mine, kissing me hard. I parted my lips giveing her tongue permission to raveng my mine. We stumbled through the door, and she kicked it closed with her foot. I broke the kiss and turned running up the stairs, knowing that it'd be more fun if she was frustrated.

I could hear her comming up the stairs behind me. I turned to the right and ran torward her bedroom. I could tell she was right behind me. So I slowed down just a little so she could catch me.

"Ha! Gotcha!" she exclaimed as she spun me around, pinned me to her bedroom door, and pushed herself flush against me. Her hips digging into mine. She crashed her lips down on mine as she twisted the door-knob. The door sung open and we hit the floor. She was on top of me and I knew at that moment that we wouldn't make it to the bed.

She broke the kiss as she sat up on her knees and straddled my waist as she pulled her t-shirt over her head. She was prepared for tonight. She didn't have a bra on. Her breasts fit my hands perfectly. I reached up to play with her nipples, like I said I wasn't begging tonight, but she batted my hands away.

"Uh-uh! I get to have fun first." At this point I was thanking the gods as I kicked off my shoes. She was horny. She jerked off my tank and threw it over her head. She bent down to suck on me but I pushed her up.

She looked at me questioningly. "What's wrong?" she asked sounding extreamly hurt.

"What about the maids and butlers and shit?" I watched as realization hit her face. Her lips turned upward in a knowing smile.

She leaned down and wispered her warm breath tickling my ear, "I gave every single one of them the night off." Then her mouth was on my breast. I arched my back against the carpet, and a moan escaped my mouth though I tried to conseal it. Her lips were hot against my breast throwing me into a heated frenizy. Her hands worked with the button and zipper of my pants. She finally got them undone and climbed off of me. She ripped them off of me almost violently, taking my thong in the process. My hair tie had fallen out a long time ago.

I sat up, pulled her shorts off her and forced her to the floor, straddeling her. Now that we were both completely undressed the fun could begin. I pinned down her wrists and forced her to kiss me. She wasn't going to be complaicent. She never was and still isn't but I wanted to be in charge this time. She turned her head away. 'Fine if she's going to be that way.' I stopped trying to kiss her and directed my attention to her breast instead. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked for a second, before biting down lightly. I heard her gasp. She arched her back and muttered something incomprehinsible. I stopped and sat up to look down at her, my hands still pinning down her wrists.

"What the hell do you stop for?" she pratically screamed at me. I just looked at her through narrowed eyes, a cocky smirk comming to my face. She raised her eyebrows and then narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

"Beg." I answered simply.

"What?" I could tell from the sound of her voice that she was suprised I would ask that of her. My smirk widened in to a teasing smile.

"If you want it you have to beg for it." She just looked at me like I was an idiot. Then she tilted her head to the side and then...

"Please?" I lowered my head back down and sucked and bit apon her right breast, all the while I was still holding her wrists down. Her reaction sent heat to my neather reigons making me wet. The mumbbling, the lustful moans, the way her body withered when I bit her, the gasps, all of it made me want more. I stopped sucking and kissed my way across the valley of her breasts and directed my attention the other lonely breast. It had been far to long since the last time. Her nipple was hard and yet, at the same time, feather soft. I nuzzled her then bit and instead of incohearient mummbeling, she moaned again. She moaned low from the back of her throat. I finally let go of her wrists and her hands dug into my hair begging me to continue this erotic torture. But I lifted my head up and looked down at her. She was beautiful and the look on her face was that of pure pleasure. Her eyes were questioning though, wondering why I had stopped. I pulled myself off her and she sat up on her elbows.

"What are--?"

"Shh." I slienced her. "Lie back down." She looked a me questioningly, and for a moment I thought she wouldn't listen. But curiosity got the better of her, and she obayed. I sat on my knees in between her legs, and looked down on her. She truely was a goddess and with the pale moon light spilling in through the window... she glowed. Her brown, kinky hair faning out underneith her frameing her face. But that wasn't the hair that caught my eye.

The mass of black curls, that lay there like weeping willow branchs, bekoning me to discover what lie with in their hidden depths. I couldn't resist taking a taste of her.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned as I used my toungue to play with her, tease her. I flicked my toungue over and around her many times, causeing her to jerk and twitch. Through the corner of my eye I could see her nails digging into the carpet. I could feel her back arching and I had to hold her hips down to keep her from bucking. I stopped and went lower slipped my toungue inside her. I couldn't hold her hips down any more and she bucked up driveing my toungue deeper within her. Then she came. Fast, hot and sweet, She tasted oh so sweet. I lapped it up and sat up licking my lips.

She was swetting. Her eyes were glazed over with a dreamy look. I loved that look so much that I lowered my head and forced her to cum a few more times before stopping. I leaned over her and kissed her, forcing her to taste herself. I rolled off to the side, proped myself up on my elbows, and watched as she tried to steady her breathing.

A few minutes later when her breathing became normal she turned on her side and smiled at me. I loved her smile, her laugh. I loved everything about her. And still do. She smirked at me and sat up on her knees. I could see a little cum running down her leg, so I reached out to wipe it up.

"Uh-uh." she chided, slapping my hand away for the second time that night, smirking lightly. "Its my turn."

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