Boxes load my house again

We fill them to the brim

Cardboard, paper, tape

It's like this will never end

Once more we load them in the car

My back feels it's gonna break

We drive away, away so far

And leave behind the life we made

Friends, schools, and jobs once again change

As we make another life

My momma smiles and says we'll be ok

As we jump into our car

Taking numbers, leaving tears

It's quite a sad little scene

But I know that I mustn't fear

I know I can handle the change

A new neighborhood to learn

New animals and friends

Some new roads I should burn

Shortcuts over the fence

Forget the old?

I never could

Silver and gold

I love them both

In my diary I read

Memories of my old town

A tear in my eyes leaves

I wish they were still here

Why can't I stay in one place?

Why do I move so much

Another new person, another new face

My mind is so full

I can't do this anymore

This is the last time

I can't leave behind another door

There won't be another like her

She is my best friend

I have to leave her though

I don't want to be away from her again

Thinking about it makes me cry

So Keesh, babe, I love ya lots

And I promise you this

You will always have a place in my heart

One that no one can ever fill