A/N: This is, in brief, a collection of sonnets about everything under the sun. I adore sonnets: the rhythm and rhyme schemes, the haughty precision, how tricky they are to get just right. Even though I'm sure that some of these would have good old Shakespeare rolling in his grave, I hope you can get some kind of enjoyment out of them. Reviews would be fantastic, as they are bottled inspiration. Enjoy!

Your visage clear as heaven's skies above,
No sorrow clouding o'er your perfect face:
This vision serves to justify my love
For you; the beauty of your sunny grace.

Yet -- when a storm of anger o'er you furls
And raindrop tears fall idly from your eyes,
My gaze will wander over other girls;
The tempest clouds you: thus, I you despise.

Does this connote I do not love you true?
For if I only love in weather fair
And flirt with varied women in the lieu
Can it be said I do not truly care?

As long as your bright smiles through sorrows shine
I do not care, as long as you are mine.