A/N: I'll leave you on this foolish and silly note; a love sonnet for the semi-colon. (You know you're a grammar nerd when…) There are many more instalments to come. Reviews would be lovely – and enjoy!

The comma clogs up sentences like mud,
The exclamation mark is like a child!
The period ends all thoughts with a thud.
The question mark is far too meek, too mild?

A hyphen is a scar across a page –
The double-dotted colon looks absurd
The only brilliant mark is wise and sage;
The semi-colon, shepherd of the word.

Oh, wond'rous guidance does this bless'd mark give,
Allowing eyes to flow oe'er words so well.
Tis only with this mark that books can live:
Without it, all would be in grammar hell.

And so I say with most impassioned breath:
I'll fight for semi-colons 'til my death!