Heart pounding adrenaline pumping and I wasn't even the one running. My pulse was sky rocketing just watching the young woman in front of me run for her life. From what I could only, imagine in this god forsaken blood soaked field. As I looked on I had a feeling of helplessness sweeping threw me for I cried out to her tried to help her but it was as if I was a ghost.

I screamed out in pain as the sensation of being shot sprang up from my leg. As my eyes scanned, the surrounding area to find the source of my agony I suddenly saw the young woman lying on the ground clutching her leg! Terror etched plainly on her face as a striking young man clad all in black seeming to appear out of nowhere started to approach her with a malicious smirk playing across his delicate features. Then suddenly there was audible thud directly afterwards a sharp penetrated pain the back of my skull and And I … woke up?

I groaned as I sat up trying to remember what happened. As I looked at the buff man who appeared to be a wrestler hiding under the disuse of police officer sitting across from me it all came rushing back. I was on a bus to Hell. Well I may be stretching it a bit but a juvenile detention facility ain't exactly happy clowny vill, which is apparently, what my ditzy foster mom thinks it is. Though if that was entirely true than why she was so pissed after see got off the phone with the cops is beyond me.

See I'm what the prosecutor and his client like to call an evil and demented child. So I shot this kid in the leg it wasn't that bad I've lived past worse. So ok me and a few of my friends I'm no saying who jumped the same said kid for no reason and left him striped down to his underwear. Which by the way are tighty whites I smirked at the thought. The buff dude across from me apparently noticed this because he said in his gruff high and mighty I'm better than you voice.

"what the hell do you think you're smirking at punk?"

I could have sworn then and there that this man had spent ¾ of his life watching old cheap westerns. Even so, I answered him because I was afraid he would ring my neck if I didn't though thinking back on it now it probably would have been better if I hadn't.

"Nothing I was just thinking about the great time I'm going to have here"

I made sure to give him an award-winning smile and say my small part in the peppiest most cheerful voice I could muster. However, to my amusement at the time this just seemed to piss him of more. Being my normal dumb ass, self I wanted to see how far I could push him so I smiled once again and flipped him off saying up yours. His face was as red as a light bulb on a Christmas tree. Then just to anger him even more being as my fear of him was now replaced by enthusiasm I said.

"Why do you look so mad? I was just showing some spirit to liven this bus up seeing as you weren't going to jeez"

My dream forgotten for the moment and all else aside this was going to be a great vacation.

Things are looking up looking down!