Screaming Heartbeat

Crowded school hallways
Banter infesting the air
But through my eyes there's nothing
Just you standing over there

Voices are drowned out
People fade into the background
And so it's just you and me
Now my heart begins to pound.

Beat… Beat…

Your eyes focus in my direction
But I know you're not looking at me
You see a lovelier girl beyond
My ocean of dreams—an impossible sea

Such a genuine smile envelops your face
And I must keep my eyes on the sky
Because now you're coming closer
I can already feel you passing me by

Beat… Beat…

One step and it's over
You're gone and so the world dies
I still stand, turning my head to you
Thinking you'd stop and say, 'hi.'

But you walk on… no answer
There's no more 'just you and me.'
Just the awful drone of your voice talking
And my screaming heartbeat

Beat… Beat…

A/N: And old poem I wrote when I was still concerned over a crush of mine. Ok, so I haven't quite rid myself of that concern but it has decreased… somewhat. Whatever.

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