Time and Society

For some people, their life is already planned: they are born; they learn; they work; the reproduce and then they die.

And that's it. This life is stable and anyone who once remembered this life is soon forgotten. Their imprints on the world lost as the sands of time move and wash away any remnant of a past life. Millions of insignificant lives all lost in a sudden sweeping of time, never to be remembered for who they are their names, personalities, loves and hates – there for a fleeting moment and then lost.

What is mourned is forgotten just as what is celebrated can be distorted into fear – and then hatred. Lost forever in the flurry of the wind, and sentient life sees that time is not kind but cruel and unforgiving, and by erasing what is feared and hated and mourned; life once again begins. It blossoms into a delicate and ripe fruit that feeds on the rotting corpse of a forgotten society.

But then for the fortunate, the great; Da Vinci, Galen, Paré, Nero and so many others – they escape this vortex of nothingness and live on; a millennia later, in our memories and minds. Sculpted statues and written words recharge and revitalise lives as though they are still with us – speaking in our ears and our memories no matter how unwilling we are to remember. We always will.

And there are great lies that are passed on for truth, embedded in a corrupted culture that the Mother must leave it to Time for their memories to be erased. Conspiracies form. The truth is lost forever as Time wields its power and once again; life begins anew.