A poem I wrote while in SS ECP class. Not really siding with either north or south, but is writtin from a northerners perspective.

The bullets fly
from either side
brother against brother
together they die

All for a cause
Of human right
Burning in hearts
In the bloody fight

Friends shot friends
And family killed family
That's the way it ends
In this utmost insanity

Cant they see?
They were all the same
Words could free
Better then pain

Yet into the fight we were tossed
And against the others we fought
So many of both, shamelessly lost
Death by bullet, at whatever cost

If only this could be
A battle of words
But rather, a bloody sea
is the way it turned

And so strong we stood
Throughout the fights
For all that's good, just and right

And to those lost,
we bow our heads
Its over now
Most are dead

By standing still
For our beliefs
Of human equality
We set slaves free

Gettysburg, Shiloh, Vicksburg all
Got us closer
to ours enemies fall
but did we have enemies at all?

American against American
A war amongst us
Ourselves against everyone
In the end we all lost

North to South
Slave to Free
Was there really a victory?

Like suicide or cutting,
we just hurt ourselves
In the end we were one country
Damaged from the spell

You could say
We won the War
Being the North
through legend and lore A war of words could've saved us
But in the end
Battle raved us
And so we fought, side by side
To keep freedom and justice alive

Our cause was just
considering it was
humans like us
We were fighting for

But we fought ourselves
No way to hide
Anyway we, united as a country, lost and won
At the same time