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Chapter 2

"Miss Cloud!"

I jolted up in my seat and winced as the fluorescent overhead lights shone intot my eyes. The entire class was turned around looking at me as I adjusted from sleep to conciousness. The smirks they attempted to conceal fanned a fire inside my heart. There was no sympathhy amoung this group of jackles , this pack of hyenas forever cackling at another's expense.

"Miss Cloud do you have a reason to be slumbering through my class?" Mrs. Robinson inquired glaring at her over her spectacles. Mrs. Robinson was the only American History teacher at Apache Creek High so it was inevitable thatI was taking classes from the devil's own Mother-in-law. Mrs. Robinson tortured every sophmore to pass through the district and if you were really lucky you'd fail her class and have to take summer school. Which is where I sat now.

"Well, Mrs. Robinson, I do have a reason." I stated running my fingers through my long hair. Mrs. Robinson's left bushy eyebrow rose in question, obviously shocked that I wasn't stammering out a lame excuse. "Really? Do tell." She motioned for me to go one with a dramatic wave of her hand.

"I was reading about werewolves." The summer school class snickered at the serious face that went along with the strange answer. Mrs. Robison huffed angrily. "I do not need that kind of sass in this class room. You will be doing a report on the American Revolution. Five thousand words and that will be all you are doing in this class until the end of semester test." Idid my best to hide the satisfied grin that was begging to burst out. I was an expert on the American Revolution the project would be a snap. Despite my glee I forced a frown. "Yes, Mrs. Robinson."

At noon the class was dismissed and all my class mates left the room in a flash. I merely strolled away from the school. There wasn't a reason to hurry, I had nobody to rush home to. Leah was of course gone and Mother wouldn't be home until late after she finished her drinking.

The memory of the foul stench of liquor made me want to vomit , the images of her passed out on the floor would haunt me for the rest of my life. My father died when I was six , Mother started drinking a little a month later. Her full blown problem began about seven months later.

I was drawn away from my thoughts as I passed the cemetary. Normally I hated looking in ; but this time I noticed something unusual. A boy was standing by Leah's grave. Not just any boy, Zach. I glared venomously at the boy and charged straight at him climbing over the fence and tackled him to the ground. He let out a yelp as my fist connected with his nose and he shoved me back to the ground. I was about to tear into him again when I realilzed the boy who sat before me with the bloody nose was not Zach.

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!" He yelled pushing himself up to his feet anger blazing in his hazel eyes. I could feel the extreme heat rise to my face as I jumped to my feet.

"I am so sorry. I thought you were somebody else." I explained looking down at the ground.

"Well I certainly don't envy the person you thought I was." He stated frostily as he brushed the grass off himself. "You're lucky I saw you were a girl or I would've decked you."

I immedeatly switched from wanting to die to wanting to kill him. "And what does that mean?" I snapped my hands turing to fists once more.

" Please everyone knows girl fights are worse than boy fights. Girls don't back off or wait for the other to get their breath back. They're like wolverines."

I nodded accepting his answer. "Once again I'm very sorry."

He shrugged. "I'm Henry by the way. Henry Jacob Cassner."

"So what are you doing here Henry?" I questioned motioning down to Leah's grave.

"She was my cousin." He answered looking down at the head stone with a sad look in his eyes. Almost as if he missed her as much as I did. I cleared my throat and did my best to keep tears at bay. "Well Henry, I thought you were somebody else. I am… was Leah's best friend."

"Brianna?" Henry asked. I nodded in reply. "She spoke of you often Brianna. I regret that we had to meet under such tragedy."

I ran my fingers through my hair wishing that he would just shut up. "I'm sorry too."

A silence fell over the area as both of us ran out of things to say. Wind blew through the trees attracting my attention. The trees in the cemetary were what had make me think about wanting to become one. They were majestic oaks taller than any other tree in the town.

Henry cleared his throat and ran his fingers through his light brown hair. " Did Leah's parents tell you?" I looked from the trees to him. "Tell me what?"

"They're moving to Texas where my family used to live and my family is moving into their house. They can't stand the memories."

I blinked in shock the Robinsons hated the thought of moving. "I suppose it's best…"

"I'll walk you home if you want." Henry offered.

I shook my head hoping he wouldn't be offended. "I'll walk myself home thanks." I answered starting to leave.

"Actually I don't know how to get home from here and I was hoping that you'd show me with out having me ask." He answered embarassed. I laughed surprised that he was admitting this and motioned for him to follow me. "I'll help you."

The walk back to my house was pleasant. Henry was funny and laughed a lot even if I didn't laugh at his jokes. Normally this kind of thing would annoy me but He reminded me a lot of Leah. It was refreshing to have him walk with me. When we reached his house he grinned. "Yay now my parents won't have to call the police."

"The police don't help anything around here. They think Leah killed herself."

Henry nodded. "You believe that she didn't?" He inquired tilting his head ever so slightly.

"Leah would never take her own life. Somebody took it from her." I answered. "But nobody believes me." I started to walk away from the house.

"I believe you."

I turned around to see that Henry was very serious. Either that or a very good liar. "You do?"

Henry nodded. "I have to go to enroll at your school tomorrow. Will you come with me?"

I hesitated then nodded. "I have summer school anyway."

"We'll talk on the way." With those parting words he went inside leaving me alone on the sidewalk wondering if I honestly had somebody who believed me.

The house was empty , mother was still out drinking. I headed upstairs and showered while there was still hot water and settled in my room for the night. I pulled both my journal and Leah's journal from the desk drawer. I sighed holding my best friend's diary in my hands. The lock was still shut for I couldn't find the key nor could Leah's parents. If only I could get it open the diary had answers that I needed desperately.

I set the locked journal aside and sat cross legged on my bed and opened my own that didn't have a lock.

June 26 Monday

Nothing much to report today. I met Leah's cousin Henry. The robinsons are moving out of their house to get away from all the memories of their daughter. Poor guy. I thought he was Zach from a distance and attacked him. He was fairly nice about it once he found out who I was.

We talked about Leah. Nobody will talk to me about her. As if her dying made her name something that was foul , disgusting, , vile. Shouldn't we cherish the time we had with her?

He believes me about Leah. He doesn't think she killed herself. Maybe I can tell him about Zach. Maybe I can tell him about the werewolves. I'll have to see. I can't stay on for very long if I'm gonna get some reading done.

I closed the leather bound diary and set it on my desk and pulled out a book on supernatural beings. I found the book in an occult shop along with several others. What I mainly wanted was it's information on werewolves. My eyes scanned the page taking in it's contents.

It is commonly believed that werewolves change on the full moon which is once a month. However, due to research it has been proven that they transform every night that the moon shines remaining human only on the new moon… I looked out the window and saw the thin slice of moon as the sky began to darken.

I could see the woods and feel the wind as it blew through the open window. I jumped up form my bed and slammed the window shut. I sighed feeling slightly better that nothing could come through unless I invited them. "Wait that's vampires…" I slapped my head feeling foolish.

I fell face down onto my bed and tried to sleep. I was moments from sleep when I heard a sound that made my blood run cold. A long mournful howl that rang through the dark and scattered loneliness into the night.

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