A/N: About my rather messed up circle of friends. I'm not sure what to think of anyone anymore. I just feel like I'm never the victim, but I'm always the witness....I don't make much sense. R&R me, I'll R&R you.

--pammy-- 3


There's hearts and sunshine on all the walls

Mocking us as we take the fall

We admit that it's over (it's been over so long)

But we won't let ourselves let go…

Like our hugs and kisses and forget-me-nots

As we say goodbye (for good this time)

And the cold look on your face makes the flowers wilt

But she'll tell the world you love her still

Because the words on your lips

Don't match the ones on your face

You were always the best at playing games

And he'll sit on the corner and wonder why

He'll wait for your apology and silently cry

And your heart was freezing as you put your arm in his

But he ignores the chill as he gives in

You're convinced you're the smart one in this charade

Who knows what all the hand motions mean

(Before they come into play)

Yet you're the one getting trampled on the most

Even as you push everyone else down

Because you're naïve and you trust too much

You can make them hurt each other

Convinced they'd never hurt you…

But what about me, standing alone?

Watching and listening and nowhere to go

The sunshine on the walls

And the look on your face

Is that the look I get

When I walk the other way?

You say exactly what I need to hear-

But I won't be the first to be lied to

And this paranoia takes over as you come closer…

One day these tables will be turned.