She had been avoiding him for hours but it couldn't last much longer. He'd made it very clear he wasn't going to leave. Only when Mr. Boss pulled her aside and offered to throw the man out did she relent.

"No," she said slowly. "No, I will talk to him." And she walked out of the kitchen and straight to the man's table, where she crossed her arms beneath her breasts and glared at him. She was aware of Mr. Boss peering through the kitchen doors to watch.

Undaunted by her attitude, the man smiled up at her. "How are you, my dear?" he asked warmly, his eyes admiring her form.

She gave an unladylike snort. "Heard you wizened up, but seems I heard wrong."

"Didn't you miss me, dear?"

"No." The word whip-cracked through the air, momentarily stunning the man to silence.

He looked away, fiddling with his long-emptied coffee cup. "Well, no matter," he said casually. "I knew that you never really loved me, but-"

Maggie slapped her hand down on the table, making the flatware rattle. "I did!" Her voice was low and angry. "Just not in the way that you...desired."

"Ah," he said sadly, nodding wisely. "Like a brother."

"No." Again the sharpness of the word startled him. "No, it was much more than that." She stepped back abruptly, falling silent.

"Mad-" he began, but she cut him off.

"I am not the woman you knew! Never again." She looked sad for a moment. "I gave you everything. You should have taken it."

He protested, "I tried to take it!"

She shook her head slowly, turning away. Quietly, over her shoulder she added, "You wanted more. And then you took everything from me."

Mr. Boss jumped back when she slammed the kitchen door open, but he wasn't fast enough and the door banged painfully into his nose. He yelped, but Maggie didn't even pause.

"He's all yours," she muttered, stalking off.

Mr. Boss edged out the door to the clattering of pots and pans.

The man was already gone.