Blackness seeps into the soul
Through a tainted, porous world
To the very brim it rises

Ink despair seeps, drips slowly
Billowing thick smoke rises
From channels in ivory once white
Now dark gray, channels of sorrow
Beneath darkened windows
Have taken their toll
Etched in memories
The soul inside the windows
Ensconced in an abyssal silence

Hope seems like whitewashed despair
When the world seems black

And even echoes of others,
Memories of similar sorrows,
Only amplify the darkness within
Until its voice, booming and loud and terrible
Resonates in one's very bones

Let tears flow like blood
From the open wound that is my soul
Hope is whitewashed despair
And the world a festering gash
In the side of a weeping God

So I let it bleed
Rejoice in the slow silent death
That crashes down like broken glass
Punctuated by the wretched, contorting sobs
Of a soul chained to a rock of anger
Cast into an ocean of pain
With apathetic, unblinking eyes
Staring at a feeble struggle

Overcome I fall
Because the boxes went unopened
Because my soul remained hidden
Because I chose the comfort of shadow

Woe unto the living
Who live as those who are dead
Woe unto my soul

Woe unto the hope filled souls
Unknowing, innocent, and free
For they shall never truly know
The painful, beautiful melancholy
Of the twilight of the spirit
And the dark power of a soul's nightfall
As the mind is cast into shadow

So bright is the distant light that it is painful now
So lost in this world of blackened crimson suffering
So it is with slow, feeble steps and weakness
That the journey back to daylight begins

Assuming that I don't fail again
Assuming that I don't fall again
Back into the moonlight world
Of shadows and sadness and suffering

Known only as

What is felt
When day turns to night
Inside your mind

9:45 pm