She looked hungry and alone,
With nothing to her name,
Not even a pebble or a stone.
She was deeply, gravely ashamed.

Walking down the street one day,
She came across a store.
It was full of all sorts of goodies,
From grace and mercy to love and more.

Curiously, she entered quietly,
Her hands and face dirty and wind-blown.
Amidst all of this ethereal beauty,
She really did feel quite alone.

The girl warmed up, looking around.
Noticing the price of the stuff in this stand,
She made note of it when she heard a sound.
She looked behind her and saw a humble-looking man.

"My dear," He began, "You look so chilly.
Why don't you come into the back for some tea?
No need to be shy, my child, that's silly,
And besides, I made lots - more than enough for you and me."

The shopkeeper ushered her into the back,
Showing her a place to have a seat.
He hung her simple things on a rack,
And proceeded to pour her some tea.

After a few moments of silence,
The girl frowned a bit,
"Why are you so kind?
I don't even know your name, sir."

The man smiled, his brown eyes merry,
"Everyone knows me, dear, whether they realize it or not.
Ah, but it's late my dear, and you'd better not tarry.
Get home to your mother and your dog Spot."

The girl took her things, and thanked the man again,
All the while wondering why he looked familiar.
She got home and her eyes landed on
The icon of the King on the cross...he and that man looked more than similar.

The King's shop is open 24/7,
From now until eternity.
If you're passing by Him,
You should stop in for tea.

I normally only submit one a day, but I came across an older poem of mine and thought up this. :D I like poems like this, so this is one of the ones I really enjoyed writing.