"Your body is a temple," Lillius said. With her hands raised above her head, she swayed her hips to and fro in a slow, seductive and slithering fashion. Her lush red skirts swayed lazily after her hips, with slits on each side that revealed her lush thighs. A figure was seated on a wooden stool before her, enveloped in darkness. Lillius slowly blinked, her long, dark eyelashes dancing upon her slightly rosy cheeks. The warm glow of the fire in the corner of the chamber was all that was being used to light up the small room, but it was all she needed as she danced. She pursed her lips, turned on her heel, and rocked her hips from side to side as she turned in a complete circle. The figure gave a warm sigh and stood. Lillius smoothed out her movements and stopped dancing, lowering her arms to her sides.

"I think you're ready," said the figure, a woman, older than Lillius. Her name was Tia; she was the eldest of The Moonshine. She was rather heavy set, but had a lovely face. Her body was maimed with years of rape, childbirth, and loving, but her spirits were high and her demeaner honest. "Just remember, these Vikings sometimes reach their drunken hands out into your skirts. And-"

"Yes, Tia," Lillius cut her off. "So my mother told me." She often reflected on the memory of her mother, who had been murdered a few years ago. Her father was gone, too, and that left Lillius with nowhere to go but under the wing of Tia who had been a family friend. She was like a second mother truthfully, and she now smiled on the figure of her adopted daughter with misty eyes.


Within the next few weeks, Lillius travelled with The Moonshine and danced for many a drunken Viking. She enjoyed herself despite the circumstance, and earned more silver then most of the other dancers. She was, in truth, more beautiful and graceful than them; her hair was long to the bottom of her back and brilliantly bright, shining as white as snow; her eyes were vibrant and mismatched in colour, one being blue and the other being green; her body was long, lean, and toned; her personality teasing and intelligent.

One night, The Moonshine arrived by foot and horse in a little villiage busy with celebration. The clan was lead by Ragnarok Selkirk, a valiant Viking fighter. Lillius knew nothing about him, only that he was demure and subtle in his ways. The men of the clan that night were gathered around a great fire, celebrating a recent victory. Ragnarok was seated at one end on a log, sipping from a beautiful carved mug. He was strongly built, and dressed in leather and furs like most other men. He had dark black hair that shone with dark red highlights when the light hit it in the right place. His eyes as well were deep red, and threatening to most of the women. He had a challenging nature, and didn't respond at all to any of the females who were so despiratly dancing for his attention. He instead would turn to converse with one of his men. Even Gleda, whom Lillius concidered the most beautiful of her group could not get a reaction out of him.

Gleda was a gorgeous brunette with the largest breasts Lillius had ever seen. She used them to her advantage, and had spent many nights frollicing with a man who had promised her the right amount of silver for her services. She wasn't the only dancer who slept around for extra silver; in fact, nearly all the dancers did. Even Tia, now and again could be tempted to lift her skirts. Lillius was still a virgin, and planned to keep it that way. She was only eighteen, and most of the men around were in their twenties.

Growing bored after dancing for a few of the men, Lillius wandered down between longhouses deep in the villiage. She could still hear the cheers from the men and the banging of the drum that the girls danced to. She yawned and took clumsy paces. A very drunk man stepped out from behind a longhouse and eyed her up.

"How about a dance, harlot?" he slurred. Lillius laughed.

"Maybe on the morrow, when you will remember," she said, stepping back.

"I will remember now," he said, with foul ale on his breath. He leaned forward and grabbed ahold of the front of Lillius's small top, a mix of red satin and deeper maroon cloth. Small gold charms were attatched to the bottom, making a small harmony of chimes.

"Please, sir, let go of me," she said, clasping both her hands on his. He was using his other arm as balance, placing it on the stone house beside them.

"Rollo, go back to yer wife. She will be waitin' for ye." A powerful voice came from behind Lillius, making her jump and emit a small gasping noise. Rollo let go and curse, then stumbled away into the night. Lillius whirled aroud to face her savior.

Standing before her was the stone-hearted Ragnarok, who was even more intimidating face-to-face than she thought. She blinked a few times, before stupidly thanking him.

"Thank you, m'lord." Lillius chided, keeping calm.

"I'll bet ye dinna get much of that, bein' a whore an' all," he said, walking past her. His voice was quieter now, and rolled out of his mouth pleasently.

"A whore?" she stuttered, turning around and staring after him. "I am no whore."

"Dancin' for silver and sleepin' in a clan of dozens o' men? Nay, surely no." He had slowed his pace, peaking his interest in Lillius. She made a snort of amusement.

"Men with wives who sleep with traveling dancers? Very classy." Ragnarok froze. He took that as a direct insult, and paced back towards Lillius. He nearly laughed at how much bigger he was that she; with a hand he could pick her up and toss her aside. "And I do not sleep with the men I dance for, I asure you."

"I havena heard ana' stories of ye yet," he spat at her. "But that Gleda of yers? I hear she's quite a ride, aye?" Lillius burst out laughing.

"Gleda? She will ride anything that can walk. Or wait, no...anything in general, I'm afraid to say." That coaxed a small chuckled from Ragnarok.