A Cutter's Scars

Some people don't see the wounds,

Because they're just too far,

People don't understand the addiction,

Until they've had the scar,

You think no one understands you,

They haven't had the pain,

And live through a day of constantly,

Seeing the blood's crimson rain...

Though people see that you are different,

They don't define who you are,

And may faith show you that you're not alone,

For we all just hide the scar,

That way people don't have to see them bleed,

They don't have to see you cry,

And help each other forget the addiction,

And to lose the want to die.

A/N: Um... Just so you know, this isn't for me. It's for a friend of mine. I wanted him to know that he really wasn't alone though and made him this.