As far back as she could remember Susan's brother had always been a hockey player. Adam could skate before he could walk and their parents had the pictures to prove it. When they were little, Adam would go off to hockey practice and Susan would go to skating lessons. Their parents would often joke and say they might as well live at the rink; they spent so much time at it.

As they got older, both became engrossed in their sports and advanced. Adam was on a traveling hockey team and Susan skated in competitions. They were extremely talented and popular. Susan loved going to Adam's practices and, when they were over, the team would always come to their house. As a teenager, she had a crush on at least one of his friends and she would invite her friends over to sit and talk about the guys.

Then Adam went off to college on a hockey scholarship, and Susan went through her senior year in high school. She applied to colleges and was offered the most money from Benson University, so she went off to the same school as Adam. Not only was Benson top-notch in hockey, they also had the most prestigious figure skating facilities. Fortunately, Susan and Adam got along well.

"Hey, Susan! You're coming to the party tonight, right?"

"Of course! I wouldn't miss it." She smiled and waved at the guy as he passed by her. Slinging her skates over her shoulder, she asked Sam, "You're going, right?"

Sam looked her in the eye. "Everyone's going."

"Good. Then I'll see ya there!" They separated and walked to their dorms. Susan met up with her friend Martina in the hall. "Come on. Let's go get ready. I hope some of Adam's friends are there!"

That night, everyone walked over to the apartments on campus. Rooms were already filled with people when Susan and Martina arrived. They walked in and had been talking and dancing with people for a few minutes when Susan spotted Trevor, one of Adam's teammates. She told Martina and went off to get a drink.

Before she could reach the fridge, Trevor crossed in front of her. "Well, hey! What's up?"

Susan smiled. "Not much. How are you?"

"Not too bad."

Adam, meanwhile, was on the other side of the room, surrounded by a crowd, when he spotted Susan. "Yeah, that was great . . . hey, what's Trevor doing talking to my sister?"

He and his friends Kilian made their way over to Susan. She was smiling and talking with Trevor, who had a beer can in one hand and the other hand on the wall, resting above her head.

"Trevor, what are you doing talking to my sister?"

Susan rolled her eyes up at her brother. "Adam, I'm taking care of it." Then she glanced at Trevor and smiled.

"You know Susan, laughing and flapping your eyelashes really doesn't seem like taking care of it to me."

The smile disappeared from her face as she looked at Adam. "That was my polite way of saying leave me alone." To Trevor, she said, "I'll be back in a minute."

Adam led her away from him, saying, "I don't want you talking to Trevor."

"Why not? We were just talking."

"Yeah, for right now."

"Well, at least he was paying attention to me."

Kilian cut in, hoping to stop the oncoming sibling argument. "Susan, why don't you go see how Sam is? He's right over there."

Instead of stopping the fight, it brought it on. "Just because Sam is my skating partner doesn't mean I hang out with him all the time! What are you trying to do, pawn me off on the safe guy?"

She spun on her heel and returned to Trevor.

Susan went over to Adam's room the next afternoon to talk. She was sprawled on his couch and he was sitting at his desk chair.

"Adam, I'm sorry for blowing up at you, but seriously. I was just talking to him."

Adam turned in his chair to face her. "Susan, you don't know Trevor. He's an ass."

"Maybe to you, but not to me."

"Susan, he was hitting on you!"

"And what is so wrong about that?" She exclaimed. "He was paying attention to me!"

It was afore mentioned that Adam and Susan got along. Except for on this topic.

"Think about it," she continued. "You have a girlfriend practically every other month. I can't even flirt with a guy without you breathing down my neck! I have been surrounded by your friend all my life. Did it ever occur to you that I might like one of them? You are too protective of me."

"I am not."

"Yes, you are."

The conversation ended and a few minutes later, Adam's friends walked in.

"Hey Adam. Hey Susan."

Dana and Kilian walked to the couch and sat on Susan's legs.

"Out," Adam said.

"Aw, come on. I can't even spend time with two of my favorite hockey players?" She looked at the two guys sitting on her legs.

"No. Get out."

Dragging her legs out from under Dana and Kilian, she got up and said, "Fine. But you know I'm right."

Gabe walked in as Susan walked out. "So, you and your sister having a friendly heart-to-heart conversation?"

"No. She was yelling at me about last night."

The guys started jeering and made fun of Adam. Amidst if all, Dana said, "Your sister is actually pretty hot."

Adam glared at him and said, "Yeah, well, she's off limits."