My Final Realization: I'm on my own...

Thoughts rushing to my head,

All of them

Are making so much sense,

But so many of them

Are making none at all.

The past two months

Are flashing through my mind

The hugging,

The dancing,

The talking,

The everything,

That you did,

To make yourself

Oh so unforgettable,

Oh so loveable,

Oh so seemly perfect

And I hate you for that.

My opinion of you,

Is changing so quickly,

And definably not for the better.

I'm no longer praying,

For you to come and save me.

It'd be nice,

Sure it would.

But I don't want it,

As nearly as much as I used to.

And so I guess that's a good thing.

Because I'm defiantly not gonna get it.

You're not gonna be my escape,

This time either.

Like so many times before,

You're leaving me here,

As you go on with your life.

Now, it's time,

For me to save myself.

To pick my own lock,

And break this cage door.

While I work,

I will wonder

Why I waited this long,

Waited for you,

When I could have saved myself...