When the Emperor took office, all of the people thought it would be a good thing: to be governed by one body. Things were fine for awhile. Everyone was getting along. The poor and elderly were getting aid, getting out of the slums. Technology soared like never before. Everyone had what he or she needed including all medicine, a good job, food, and shelter for their families.

Of course, the friends of the Emperor grew wealthy as the Emperor grew wealthy as the Emperor grew in power. Those who were not in his friendship were not so fortunate.

Almost as suddenly as the Emperor came into power, edicts went through the nation. Small things changed at first, small monitors of activities as night. From there things went downhill in slow increments. More surveillance, more rules, more edicts, more things being banned. Phones and computers were all tapped. Then the worst things began. Prostitutes and the remaining homeless were the first to be rounded up. Then came the homosexuals. Anyone who spoke against the Emperor, the witches and mages of the nation, anyone with powers were all taken. All the children began being tested for any type of magic. They were tested again after they hit puberty. I've been through both of these tests myself. The Emperor's lackeys go to all of the schools, and use the census logs to make sure that they find all of the children. They use magic sniffers to find magic. Anyone who looks different from normal gets tested with more detailed.

People tried to fight back, but the Emperor had gotten too powerful. They didn't have a chance to fight against someone with magic. The Emperor had strong magic. Without out mages, we would not be able to help ourselves. The people were oppressed and we still have no way to fight back.