Running away,
Was the hardest thing to do,
Felt myself walking away,
Was feeling guilty and worthless like i sometimes do,

Didn't think I deserved Your love,
I have disappointed You time and time again,
Nothing I did justified Your love,
There wasn't anything you could gain.

How could someone so perfect love me?
What do You see in me?
Is this really real?
I'm finding it at times so surreal.

Falling down on my knees,
Crying without knowing the reason why,
The weight of the world was upon me,
I wanted and needed someone to hear my cry.

And then there You were by my bedside,
Telling me to just rest and sleep,
I knew then I would never leave Your side,
The love was much, much too deep.

You lit a spark in me from within,
You made me feel so much joy,

I knew Your love I never needed to win,
I've wondered if it was true or was it just a ploy?

Deep down I knew the answer to that,
I wanted to jump and shout its true, oh so true,
Nothing can ever compare to that,
The love You gave was the best clue.

You made me want to be a better person in life,
This is the beginning of the journey,
With my Father in heaven who gave me life,
And I know this is something to last an eternity.