The Matchmaker is Down

Chapter 1

"Tony and Chelsea would be perfect for each other…Tony's tall and shy and Chelsea is short and outspoken…Their babies might be a little odd but…it's like opposites attract…" I mumbled as I stared across the room at Tony and Chelsea passing each other across Marcus High's cafeteria.

They just seemed so wrong for each other that they seemed perfectly right for each other, if that makes sense. Yes, Tony and Chelsea were definitely in the "Opposites are good" category.

When it comes down to love, there are different categories:

"Opposites love" where people completely different from each other are completely attracted to each other and one balances the other in the relationship. (like Tony and Chelsea will be in a couple of days when I hook them up  )

There is "Kindred Spirit Love", sometimes referred to as "Love at first Sight," where two people's quirks are so much alike that they are connected by a life long bond and an "I can't live with out you," sort of thing. And those two people can't imagine a life without one another. (That's like my best bud Natasha and Logan, whom I hooked up.)

"Hate Love" Do I really have to say more? I guess my best example of "hate love" is when I hooked up a sassy, feminist named Sarah and a slightly stupid jock named Fred…

"Best Friend Love" or as I like to call it, "Duh love" is where two people who are with each other at like, every moment don't realize that they're perfect for each other… hence the Duh, Love title. (Samantha and Jordan would be a good example of this. It took me 6 months of plotting to get those two to go for each other.)

"Miscellaneous Love" is well…don't expect an explanation for this one. Miscellaneous love is just where I put everyone else who doesn't fit in with any of the other ones…and there are quite a few who don't because love really is unique for everyone even though a lot of people fit a certain template.

Anyways back to Tony and Chelsea they are just so…


…perfect and cute and…


I can't wait to set them up and…

"EARTH TO MATCHMAKER!" Natasha bellowed at me.

Whoops. Sometimes when I figure out a couple, I zone out completely. However, since I am Christina (Chris) Parker and the matchmaker…I suppose it couldn't hurt to answer her.

Plus, I'll have ample time to set Chelsea and Tony up together… later.

I innocently peeked at Natasha beneath my bangs and smiled nervously at her. Natasha at 5'9" with a powerful personality made her someone that was not to be ignored. And I was pretty sure I just had been for about 5 minutes straight.

"Don't you try to look all innocent on me with your "green eyes behind the bangs" thing." She arched one blonde eyebrow when I continued to do it. "I'm not buying it."

"But Tash," I whined, "I figured out a couple."

All of the sudden Natasha looked like she was about to drool. If I knew one thing about her, she loved gossip. And she learned all of the love gossip before anyone else because most of the people who start dating at Marcus High are either set up or predicted by me.

"Oh my god! Who?" She begged hungrily.

I smiled that I had so easily snaked my way out of trouble. "Chelsea Gibbons and Tony Caton…" I said waiting for her response.

Her eyes went to the size of saucers and she slammed her hands on the table. "Nuh uh! Shut up!" She paused to think, "There is just no way that's even possible!"

I knew she wouldn't believe me.

"Believe me or don't, I don't care. But think about this. When have I been wrong?" I asked her and this time it was my turn to raise my eyebrow.

I struck her silent at that because she knew that I was going to be right about Tony and Chelsea. I am not cocky about many things, but I am cocky about this: I am never wrong when it comes to matchmaking.

It just never happens. I always have this feeling about two people, give them some opportunities to mingle, voila, they are a couple. That's just how it's always been.

"I guess I'm sure that you're right but…Tony and Chelsea? That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen." Natasha said to me.

I smiled cheekily at her. "It is going to be a disaster. A love disaster!" and with a perky clap of my hands, I sauntered off to find Chelsea.

My plan was simple. Chelsea was the outgoing one so I was going to have her be outspoken to Tony.

"Hey Chels, What's going on?" I asked casually as I leaned against her locker.

Chelsea looked into her locker with huge eyes and started to put her books away rapidly. "Uh, not much, got to go." She tried to make a hasty getaway.

Fortunately, She dropped a book on my feet. "Won't you need this Chelsea?" I asked with an evil smile.

Knowing she was trapped, she walked forward, snatched the book and decided to face me.

"Don't worry," I lied to her, "I'm not trying to hook you up with anyone." I put on my most thoughtful face. "I still haven't found anyone who suits you.

Skepticism then relief filled her eyes. It almost sounded like she mumbled "Thank god." Under her breath.

"I came here actually because I need a favor."

She looked thoughtful, "What kind of a favor?" She asked.

"Well, I want to hook Tony Caton up with Rebecca Mildes…the only thing is that Tony, while totally adorable, is not very comfortable around girls."

She looked at me with a smile. "Tony and Rebecca would be adorable together…they are both so shy."

Actually, Tony is perfect for you, Chelsea.

"Tony and Rebecca would be perfect together," I lied, "and that is why I need someone who I know doesn't have anything but platonic feelings for Tony to befriend him…or at least get him to open up a little bit. I'm afraid that if I try I will fall head over heals for him…blue eyes on a guy really do me in." Truthfully, blue eyes do me in.

Chelsea was effectively sidetracked, "Really? I only like dark eyes on a guy."

That's just what you think Chelsea.

I tried to get her back on track. "So, yeah, I just need someone to get him to open up and maybe hint little things about Rebecca every once in a while…They really would be perfect for each other." I said.

Chelsea smiled wistfully, "They would." And then, "Sure, I'll do it."

I gave her a big hug. "I owe you big time. Thank you so much!"

My plan was set to motion. There was no stopping it now. Chelsea would stick to Tony, fall in love, and hint things about a girl who is not for Tony at all, which will open up his eyes to his real love, Chelsea.

God, I'm good.

So that's why a couple of minutes later, I was skipping to my locker without a clue in the world of where I was going, and ran right into a masculine chest.

Said masculine boy had brown hair, brown eyes, and was magnificently built. Don't worry I wasn't thinking "Love at First Sight." I was more along the lines thinking…

How long is it going to take me to find this cute new boy his perfect someone?

I guessed at the longest, two weeks.

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