One Dream Away From Reality

Back to School

Part 4 Chapter 1

Joey's POV

On the fourth roll of the bus, the refrigerator came down. I closed my eyes as it fell; I couldn't bare to watch. As the bus stopped rolling the refrigerator came crashing down, I heard a crunching sound. I didn't want to open my eyes to see whom it had landed on, but I opened my eyes. The bus was upside down, so I was basically on the ceiling of the bus. I looked over to where the refrigerator landed.

"NO!!" I screamed with tears forming in my eyes.

I couldn't move, my legs were broken. I dragged myself over to Adam, although there was pieces of glass all over.

"Adam?" I asked.

Nothing came from him, so I felt for a pulse. He had a weak pulse but he had one. Maybe the bus driver could help me get this refrigerator off Adam. I dragged myself over to where the driver was at the front of the bus. I wasn't far from him. I looked up once I got there, because he was hanging from his chair with his seat belt on. The whole side driver's side was dented in; he was intertwined in with the metal of the bus. It looks like someone hit us causing us to go off the road and roll. I pulled myself up and held my self there with one hand, the other hand I reached up to feel for his pulse. There wasn't one, he was dead. I slowly let myself down; my arm was sore for holding myself up there. Then I looked to the other side of the bus. Jaydain was lying where the ceiling dropped, the entrance to the sleeping area. His arm was hanging down. I had to drag myself over Adam to go check Jaydain. I dragged myself to Adam, I kissed him on the head and dragged my body over his chest and then over to Jaydain. I reached up and felt his neck for a pulse. His pulse was strong. I wasn't even going to try to lift myself up to find Spencer.

"Hello? Anyone alive in there?" yelled a woman from outside.

"Yes, help please!" I yelled.

"I cant, what if the bus tips over." She said.

"It wont." I said.

"What if it tips over with me in there." She said.

I dragged myself back over Adam and to where I was before.

"Please lady I need help!" I yelled.

"I called 911 they are on the way!" she yelled.

Damn it this lady wasn't going to help me. The fucking refrigerator was probably crushing Adam. I had to somehow get that off him.

"Is anyone alive in there?" asked a mans voice to that lady.

"Yes, a guy yelled and he wants help, but what if the bus tips over." She said.

"Move out of the way I am going in." he said.

I saw the man coming through one of the windows.

"Help!" I yelled.

"I am coming hold on." He said.

He climbed through the window.

"Where's the bus driver?" he asked.

"He's dead, Leroy?" I asked.

"Yeah the truck we were way behind you guys we just pulled up not to long ago and I was like shit and I came running down here." He said.

"Where's Adam?" he asked.

"Under the refrigerator, can you help me lift it off him?" I asked.

"I'd rather wait until the firefighter and paramedics get here. I don't want to hurt him more." He said.

"True…" I said disappointed.

"Jaydain?" he asked.

"Over there." I said pointing to the arm hanging down.

He went over to him and slowly pulled him out, then he carried him to the window and slowly pushed him out of the window.

"Lady could you pull him from the other side?" he asked the lady outside.

She pulled him and then Leroy left through the window. I laid there staring at Adam's lifeless body.

Aubrey's POV

"Let's turn on the TV!" I replied.

I turned on the TV.

We have breaking news here…

A semi-truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and he woke up as that tour bus down there in the ditch was honking but he didn't wake up in time. The tour bus held a local band that was heading home to Naperville. He hit the front of the bus at a corner of the drivers side causing as you can see the bus to go off the road and roll a few times. A witness said the bus rolled about four times. We do not have word on if anyone is dead yet. We will keep you up to date during the news program if we hear anymore on this horrific accident. Oh I just got word one person is dead but they wont say who yet.

We all just looked at each other blankly. Kat, Hannah, and Lacey all started crying.

"Maybe it wasn't a good thing to turn on the TV…" said Trevor.

"Was that their bus?" I asked.

"Yes…" said Lacey sobbing.

Shelby's POV

I looked at Noah after watching the breaking news part of the news. We were playing UNO while it was just on.

"Shit." He said getting up out of his chair.

"Is that the tour bus Adam is on?" I asked.

"Yes, shit." He said again.

"Saying shit isn't going to save him or help anyone." I said.

"Sorry, are you hurting anywhere?" he asked.

"No I am fine. I just hope Adam is ok." I said.

"Let me check your wound." He said pulling down the hospital sheets and lifting up my hospital gown.

Nick, Collin, and I all was shot, we were about to attack Nick's gang's the rival gang, but they were ready for us. I didn't know if either of them was dead or not. I told the police I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. That I knew nothing of this gang, so therefore I wasn't going to get any information on them.

Jaydain's POV

I opened my eyes. I was strapped down to a stretcher.

"Oh my god…" I started to freak out.

It was still pouring down rain. A paramedic put his hand on my forehead.

"Its ok everything is ok, calm down." He said.

"I have to call my girlfriend." I said.

"No just calm down. Someone will call her." he said.

"Where's the other guys?" I asked worried.

"Don't worry about them right now." He replied.

"Fuck owww!" I heard Joey yell.

"Stop fucking with us. We are trying to help you." Replied a paramedic to Joey.

I couldn't turn my head to look at him because my neck was in the neck brace.

"Joey… calm down." I replied with tears forming in my eyes.

I just wanted to see Kat's face again.

"I cant…" he replied.

"Why? Everything is ok right?" I asked.

"Adam…" he said.

"Spencer?" I asked.

"I don't know… they won't tell me anything…" he said.

Kat's POV

"I want Jaydain!" I screamed.

Aubrey hugged me tighter. Trevor was holding Lacey and Brooke was holding Hannah.

"The news is back on!" said Trevor.

We all watched the news waiting for a report on the accident.

What do we know now on the accident Shelly?

Well it is confirmed that the bus driver died on impacted. We have word that Joey Nickelson and Jaydain Wilson are on their way to the hospital and they are in stable condition. We haven't heard word on the other two band mates, Adam Kreger and Spencer Ryan, yet on their condition, but when we know we will inform you.