One Dream Away From Reality

Back to School

Part 4 Chapter 7

Joey's POV

"Joey could you go wake up your sister?" asked my mom somewhat annoyed.

"Yes." I replied.

I left the kitchen and went upstairs. I knocked on her bedroom door.

"I am up! I am getting ready." She said nervously.

"Hannah, its Joey is there something wrong?" I asked worried.

I heard her unlock the door. She opened the door slightly to stick her head out.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Adam is not waking up." she said.

"He's still here?" I asked thinking he left last night.

"Yeah we fell asleep." She said.

"I am heading out and your father already left, make sure your sister gets to school on time!" yelled our mom from downstairs.

"Let me in." I said.

She opened the door and I heard the front door close. Adam was lying on the bed with the sheets only covering one of his legs and slightly the other one. Man that was hot.

"He's breathing right?" I asked.

"Yes, but I can't get him to wake up." she said.

I sat on the bed next to Adam.

"Call Lacey." I said.

Noah's POV


I reached over, turned off the alarm, and then rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.

"CRAP!" yelled Lacey while jumping up.

Wait Lacey was still here.

"Shit!" I said.

"What do I do?" she asked obviously still asleep.

"First take a shower and get ready for school." I replied.

"No what if Adam sees me coming out of your room." She said.

"I will go set his medication for the day while your in the shower and then we will work from there." I said.

"Ok." She said picking up her backpack and going into the bathroom.

I went down the hallway to set Adam's medication. I knocked on the door and no answer so I let myself in. He wasn't in his bed, I checked the hall bathroom and he wasn't there either. Than Lacey's phone started ringing. I went back to my bedroom to answer it but Lacey was already on the bed completely dressed with wet hair.

"What are you serious?" she asked worried into the phone.

"What?" I whispered.

She put her finger to her mouth.

"I will be right over there." She said.

She closed her cell phone and looked up at me worried.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Adam is at Joey's house. He went there last night. He is not responding to them. He will not wake up. They said his thing is beeping. I need a refill and the chart for today. I will go over and do that for him and then come back and pick up Shelby." She said getting up grabbing her bag.

"He probably needs a change of clothes too." I said.

We went into his room and I grabbed a refill and the chart while she grabbed a change of clothes.

"Here." I said handing her the refill and chart.

"I will be back." she said then kissing me on the lips.

"Ok." I said worried.

Adam's POV

I was really groggy. I opened my eyes slightly.

"Adam can you hear me?" asked Lacey.

Wait what is Lacey doing here.

"Adam if you can hear me squeeze my hand." She said.

I squeezed her hand.

"Good, Well we are over Adam I don't love you the way you love me. There is someone else. You need to be with Hannah anyway, she is carrying your baby and plus your soulmates." She said.

What was I really hearing this?

"Once you are ready to stand I will be out waiting in the car for you so hurry up. We are going to be late for school, we still got to go pick up your sister." She said.

"Adam?" asked Hannah.

"Huh…" I managed to say.

"Get up, please." She said.

I opened my eyes all the way. She helped me sit up.

"Put your feet into these jeans." She said.

I did as she said.

"Joey help me stand him up." she said.

They helped me to my feet and pulled up the jeans.

"Arms." She said.

I lifted my arms and they put a T-shirt on me. They helped me down the stairs and out to the car. They opened the passenger door and I went in. Hannah leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

"I love you." She said.

Hannah's POV

"What was that about earlier at my house?" I asked.

"Well its somewhat complicated and a really long story." Replied Lacey.

"Please tell me because it was kind of out of nowhere." I said.

"Well before I even met Adam, Noah and I were fooling around at the hospital. We were having a little fling thing going on. I thought I didn't love him but I was wrong. I started dating Adam and I realized that all I could think about was Noah. In addition, I knew Joey and him were fooling around and that rather freaked me out. Then there was you pregnant with his baby. I thought breaking it off with him was a good idea. The fact that he was naked in your bed gave me a reason to do it. I was afraid of hurting him but then I wasn't because he cheated on me, not saying I didn't cheat. It was best for everyone." She said.

"Wow." I said.

"Yeah, how do you feel about your brother and your boyfriend fooling around?" she asked.

"Well I find it kind of kinky that he's Bisexual but not with my brother maybe another hot guy like Will, that guy that Brooke is dating." I said.

We laughed at the thought.

Adam's POV

I changed for gym class, I didn't particularly participate but I still had to dress out. It was some rule or something. I was feeling a little better than I had been this morning. I had to stretch with all the other guys.

"Ok 10 laps around the gym guys!" said the coach after we stretched.

That meant that I walked around the gym as they ran. When they were done I would stopped walking and sat out while they played the sports and games. As they ran around the gym, I walked.

"Hey sexy." Joey whispered.

I tried not to laugh as he ran by. They all would say something to me as they ran by.

"Pick up the pace Adam!" said Jaydain jokingly.

I laughed. Finally they were done running and I started to go over to sit down. My chest started throbbing and burning. I just kept walking thinking maybe it was just nothing. Then it became more painful. I grabbed my chest. I fell to the floor.

"ADAM!" I heard Joey yell.

Then the next thing I knew everyone was gathered around me.

"Give him space." Demanded the coach.

"I will go get the nurse." Joey said.

"No time call 911 on my cell phone." Said the coach handing Joey his cell phone.

I was having trouble breathing.

"Adam, breathe deeply." The coach said.

I was still holding my chest. I wasn't ready to die.

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