Screaming Silence

You are silent to me

Though I hear your falling tears

The breaking of your heart

As you struggle

As you fall


I watch as you fall

Struggling alone as you wanted

Thinking you can find your way without

Someone to guide you

Show you the way


You say you do not know or understand

The feelings you feel inside

An ocean of sorrow

Waters rising with your tears

Only you think you see


I see your tears

I feel them as they fall

Dripping from eyes that have seen

Too much misery

Too much pain

To truly know the meaning

Of love


I love you

Or did I?

You have put a crack in how I feel

I am uncertain, lost

Just like you


Can you listen to your heart

The voices deep within?

Find the answer you seek

Even though it scares you

Set yourself free

Find who you are

Forever meant to be