Never Forever, Very Bad Day

It's one of those days everything goes wrong,

You begin feeling all alone,

Before the day's even over with though,

You soon find yourself on your own,

He's says 'he's doing it for your own good,

You're better off without him there,'

You can't do anything but say okay,

Even if you still really care.

- - -

A few long hours have now passed me by,

I keep telling him I'm okay,

Even when I truly know I'm quite not,

And I know I'll cry the whole day,

He says 'I'm better off without him there,'

So when are these words to come true?

If I'm 'better off', why do I feel worse?

You didn't lie to me, did you?

- - -

No more having anyone to hold you,

No one whispering it's okay,

No more soothing phone calls in the dark night,

No one there to care what you say,

You feel an emptiness inside of you,

That makes you want to go insane,

So you don't have to cry yourself to sleep,

Just so you don't have to feel pain.

- - -

I keep telling myself that I'm okay,

I'll be okay after I cry,

Even though he still wants to be just friends,

Instead of saying a good-bye,

But I find myself crying over it,

Keep saying it's just a bad day,

Because the thought of me still loving you,

Doesn't make this pain go away...