Stand alone.

Watching silently as the world flies by.

Watching as time makes it's routine pass.

People go their way.

In this one moment of relief,

Away from all the strife and hurry,

The thought comes to mind,

The motive of it all.

The reason that we don't stop.

The reason that we feel that we must fly

As the sand in an hourglass slips away

The reason that we can't voice

What we truly feel.

The fear.

In all of us, maybe.

A universal link

Between all of us in this world.

The fear that maybe,

If we slowed down.

Knowledge would catch us

And remind us

Of the One that we hurt.

As long as we are occupied.

As long as we have something to do,

Something to accomplish,

Our minds can ignore the call.

But when our mind is at rest,

Even for a time,

We hear our souls,

Astonishing, really, as they speak so rarely.

The mourning in the heart.

For the One we cannot see.

The One who gives us breath.

Without Him, a piece of us dies,

Slowly, silently, without a word to us.

Hoping, praying,

That we will stand still,

Just long enough for us to hear it,

As it slowly pleads,

"Gain your sight,

And let me live."