Fingers on the neck,
slide down steel
the l-o-n-g
chords they (SCREEL) against

nails pick bone yes


I love it
when you do me dirty.
Stroke the body rose


polish on the chrome-flavored
the hollows catch her sounds
carry up on the verge;
pick your verb pick your beat
pick your. . .

pick your poison, please.
Peter Paul nor Mary never
had it this good,
these nylon covers slip
just the way that they should
hugging lines tugging chimes
tap your foot to the time but

oh, don't stress don't

mess don't fret
too hard.
Nails pick bone skin
baby tune her up again;
slide her out and dust her off and

down her stuff again she's aching for it
hit me harder do it longer


that (song) again.

AKL 2006