Perhaps this is considered to be non-rhyming and overall, bad poetry.

But those are my real feelings.


Based on a true incident.

You smile

You laugh

You cheer

But is that the real you?

You ingrate

You parasite

You are the proverbial bat

In the war of birds and animals.

You present The Façade

Who encourages Your protégés

When they turn unorthodox

But You are a shape shifter.

What about the problems

That matter to the rest then?

You don't care about the truth

It aids not in Your journey.

You coward

You two-faced cur

What is right and wrong?

They can't matter by being moot.

We are trapped in Your world

Held powerless by Your word

And you scorn those who are

Versed not in the areas You care.

You are beneath my contempt

Even as I am beneath Your charge

You think all is as Your perspective

But I spit on Your garbage.

You liar

You Beelzebub

How many more will You fool

And just when will You be done?

Perhaps next time You strike

Your victim will sustain to

Remind You about the retribution

And what waits in Hell for You.

One day You'll understand

The unspoken pain of the game

And perhaps then You'll realise

That it'll be too late to redeem.

I smile

I laugh

I cheer

That this day will come soon.