Dwell on Me

I almost wish you would sing to the stars for me
Play a tune that captures and eludes with sweetness,
One that pulses from your lips and your instrument.
I almost hear it now, the way your voice itself
Lifts to the tranquil sky in deep pain and harsh love,
Something, I regret, I've forgotten the sound of.
Could you make me want it so much more than he does?
To abandon all things to nothingness, to die
And follow the soul on into another world
Is what you ask of me, but I cannot betray
Those who still sleep here, my family and my friends.
For once let me have this calm and lone existence,
A quiet and serene night on the warm shore line,
Wait to bring me from here until all is complete,
Until the sky grows thin and breaks in pieces
And I find I need you and your violin.