I watch you smile,
I watch you laugh,
Praying all the while,
For you to ask...

Dance with me,
On my cloud of dreams,
We'll lie down together lazily,
While the world passes us by...

Love is amazing,
When it's me and you,
Steady but ever-changing,
Twisting our point of view,

BUT, I can see your love,
It's deep inside your heart,
And I can rise above,
And readily do my part...

So, stay with me forever?
Act like you don't love me?
Will you say 'I've never...'?
Or will you laugh and kiss me?
(I'm praying for the latter...)

Hug me, kiss me,
Loathe me, miss me,
Say goodbye forever
Or pretend like it never happened.
But, honey, your love is amazing...