This week has been the weirdest by far. Maybe not aliens attacking weird, but Joe keeps staring at me as if trying to read me and Billy and David keep smirking at me knowingly. Sarah believes it's a good thing, that they're giving me attention. She's gotten over the jealous factor, finally believing that I don't want their attention and went on talking about how gorgeous they are.

I'm probably being paranoid about the whole situation. Billy and David always smirk, so what's the difference now? Joe is just being nosey and refuses to leave my past alone. Why is it all of a sudden so interesting anyway? So what, his best friend hates me, I hate him too, doesn't make it anymore interesting.

"I've got a surprise for you tomorrow" Sarah said, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Argh, I hate surprises, you never know what they're going to be."

"Well duh, that's the whole point of a surprise."

"Will I at least like it?"

"I hope so. I really want to see your reaction."

"Must be something big then huh."

"Yeah, it's gonna be huge" she said with a smile.

I simply rolled my eyes at her. She's probably just working me up to get me all curious and it's going to end up being her taking me to the mall or something.

My first project of the school year. I always look forward to times like these where teachers tell us how important such a project is and that it is worth a quarter of our grades. Then they go with the little details nobody listens to because we all just read our handouts later. But of course, my favorite part would have to be our assigned partners. I just love how we are forced to work with people we hate or have never even heard of until now. Unfortunately for me, I got someone I hate. No, not Billy, not even David, although he wouldn't have been as bad as Joe. Yup, I got Joe.

It's not enough that he comes to my house every week or that he keeps badgering me about my past that I don't want to remember, but he has to be my partner too. I hate life.

"So… I guess we should get started then." Joe said while giving me a 'ha let's see you get away from me this time' look.

"I've got a better idea. Our art project is to make a conflicting piece right? Well you make half and I'll make the other half, it can't get much more conflicting." I added a smile being proud of my brilliant idea.

"How about no."

"Why not?" My smile turned upside down at his words."

"Because you're just trying to avoid me and that would make a crappy project."

"Ok how about one of us starts the piece and the other can add in whatever he or she wants."

"I'll come over to your house around five tonight."

As he said those words, the bell rang and he sprang from his seat, not giving me time to respond. Great, just great.

Five 'o clock rolls around and here I am pacing back and forth in my room hoping for some kind of emergency to come up so we don't have to meet. I know that within the first ten minutes I'm going to be interrogated.

"Joseph, what a pleasant surprise!" I could hear my mother downstairs. Well there goes all my hopes.

"Hello Mrs. Kenson, it's nice to see you again. Is Elizabeth home?" I cringed at the name and my mother's gleefulness.

"Come on, I want to get this over with." I made my appearance and grabbed Joe's arm forcefully dragging him upstairs. "So what are we doing for the project?"

"I was thinking we could have it gradually change from one side to the other. Like light to dark with neutral in the middle, but with a different idea."

"Alright and with what idea?"

Joe started showing me a rough sketch of his idea and we quickly got to work. It was surprisingly good. We would probably finish in only a day or two if we worked quick enough.

What surprised me more though was the fact that Joe hadn't mentioned a single thing about Billy. He asked me about Sam and Sarah but never anything about Billy, which I was grateful for. Maybe Billy told him already or maybe he's finally respecting my privacy.

Mom gave me a knowing smile when I showed Joe the door. I don't know what she thinks she knows, but it isn't correct. I can barely tolerate him, much less like him.

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