It feels like you just ran away from home
It feels like that was just one week ago
I've been missing you for years
The ones when you still lived here

We've been trying to close the doors
You reminded us to lock our mouths
But what you couldn't prepare me for
Was the truth I would awake to hear

In the fog of passing years
Leading into frosty morning light
We heard the sound of silence
And I knew that you had gone

Give me back the fire inside you
Give me back the life you lost
Give me the dreams you stole when you left
Are you ever coming home?

I'm aware that you won't be around forever
I have to sit down and accept this fact
We've tried to so hard to make you stay
Its hard to believe that you aren't coming back

Predicting the white flag I've woven
Your breath feels warm on my neck
Your fingers running around my ears
A pat and a bowl of food on the floor
I'm so glad that you have finally come home