Pillow stained with skin and sweat
Dreams of the night before bring terror
The blood is still on his hands and lips
He feels a surge of pain and pleasure
The blades he keeps hidden under flesh
Attached to his shoulders grows a bone
And a fleshy bit keeps the evil tone

And the horn section raises in their salutation
The ever-blessed is growing wings in spastic creation
He feels the pang of power coursing through his veins
He can't help but notice he has the urge to inflict pain

Grow teeth so they can be sunk
Into the meat of this situation
Throw the lies into the fire
God, don't you know the truth now
Preach brother to the heavens
Sink your teeth in this girl
Again and again, but you're no sadist
Cut your arm as your killing her
A masochistic pleasure in murder

You cut your arm wide open
You grin a toothy smile
Behind dead eyes I hope you're crying
Fear entrances me, I leave her dying
Why couldn't you cut your head off?

You call this charlie-foxtrot a revolution?
Are we all subject to a misguided evolution?

Stretch to reach the stars
From where you were
To where you are
Cut a line that falls down your face
A river from the top
To where the blood will stop

Baby brother runs to a house of safety
Knowing out there is a horrific scene
You thought memories only get better with age
But you never saw what I have
Mother, can you draw away the pain?