God bless you, you ass
Saint Valentine
You've come to throw me on your sword once again
Every year you express another regret
But I can never retort for fear of

Another year down the drain
Where the hell is someone I can blame?
Where were you when I hit sharp-rock bottom?
Were you outside singing yourself a psalm?

Muscle me into my memories
Time me, I'll be back so soon
Can you remember once I didn't say it
When you asked me...
Well how the fuck are you?
What was the reply
That made you roll your eyes?

A freshly pavemented road to travel
Eight thousand degrees raining
Acid from the sky to tell me...
"Its time to leave, she said 'goodbye'!"

Chissle the sculpture down to the figure
Cut the eyeballs out to hollow
The window to the soul brings tears
The screams will haunt me for years
But we retired this game before
And we always fall back on the future

Metal cages leave me displaced and quiet
Like never recorded before
Cold as ice, salvation sounding the bells
I'm melting my heart, burning in hell
God bless you, you ass
Saint Valentine
Your heart's just as cold as mine

Cupid's arrow through a heart, unbeating
Fear flowing through veins, unrelenting
My hand placed in one, unforgiving
A trigger pressed to finger, unflinching

You can't begin to forgive me
And I can't pretend to comprehend the why

She said goodbye
She said goodbye
I couldn't hear it anymore
She waved goodbye
She waved goodbye
She gave her blessing to the gun
And wished the bullet within, godspeed