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There was this boy named Arnie. He had a best friend who's name was Veronica. She would beat the shit out of him from time to time because she like the way he would respond to the violent outbursts that brought her great satisfaction.

Arnie had Down's Syndrome and she loved the way he would cower on the floor begging for mercy and babble about how his mother would say he was a perfectly normal boy and shouldn't hit girls. Poor Arnie would just lie there and cry like the little retarded boy that he was.

Sometimes Arnie's mother would let Veronica take Arnie to the park to "play". Arnie would get so excited that he would run as fast as he could to the porch with his club feet and trip and tumble down the stairs onto the concrete below. Most times he would just lie there and mutter to himself about how much it hurt.

So when Veronica finally arrived, she would look down at the poor little mental boy lying on the sidewalk, and laugh. Maybe even kick some dirt into his face.

Eventually after a couple pushes and shoves, the two would make it down to the park. Arnie loved to swing back and forth on the swing set. However, so did Veronica. She liked to get pushed on the swings because she thought she was better than Arnie and deserved to be pushed. Veronica knew how much he loved the cool breeze against his oddly shaped face and the funny feeling he got in his stomach when the swing came back down. That was what she loved to destroy, the small little glimmer of normality that his clubbed feet could bring to him. It made her violently happy. So happy that she would kick him in the head every time her swing came down.

Today however, she wanted to push him. Veronica wanted to play…"nice". Arnie got so excited that he hugged Veronica. And in return, he got a slap. Arnie got behind the usual swing that she sat on and waited patiently for her to sit down. Veronica swiftly yanked the chain out of his purple-gloved hands and commanded him to sit down on the swing. As soon as his bottom touched the rubber seat of the swing, Veronica pulled it out from underneath and poor Arnie landed with a dull thud on the ground below him.

Veronica started to laugh so hard that tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her shirt. All she could do was laugh and laugh and tell him how stupid he was and how much she loved beating him up. Finally a look came into Arnie's eyes that made Veronica stop her cruel and menacing laughter. Rage came into the little retarded boy's face and he clumsily stood up and looked her square in the eye. His mouth dropped open and he screamed and screamed at her until he couldn't think of anything else to scream. Screams about how he thought she was his best friend and that she shouldn't be so mean to him just because he was different than the other kids in the neighborhood.

Arnie stormed off towards his house leaving Veronica slightly confused and shocked. She didn't know what to do. Then she did something that she hadn't done in years. She cried. Veronica didn't mean to be so mean to Arnie. She loved him a lot and she didn't want to lose him. Now Veronica felt bad for the odd kid that she tortured on a daily basis. She wanted to fix it.

When Arnie got home, he sat on the stairs and cried. He hated that Veronica made his life a living hell all of the time. He knew he was different from the other kids and he tried to be a normal little boy. It just didn't work. Arnie didn't have many friends but he loved Veronica. He loved that she would spend time with a weirdo that couldn't properly think or even walk for that matter. It was just nice to have a friend.

Arnie looked up and there was Veronica holding a cookie in her hand. He looked back down afraid at what might happen. Suddenly, she took his purple-gloved hand and gingerly set the cookie in it. This was the first time that Veronica had really given him something. Usually she was the one that took his cookies. But here she is now, giving him hers. Tears came to the retarded boy's eyes and he set the cookie down on the porch next to him. Arnie looked up and Veronica smiled back. Veronica held her arms out and clumsily; Arnie got up off the stairs and stumbled down to hug her. Quietly in his ear Arnie heard Veronica's voice saying she was sorry for all of the times that she made fun of him and beat him up.

Arnie hugged her tighter and cried. He was so glad to have his best friend back. And now…she really was his best friend. Arnie would never have to worry about the random slaps or having a swing pulled out from under him. He just had a best friend. Arnie knew that he would never be a normal little boy, but he had his best friend and that's all that he would ever need.

Veronica let go of Arnie. Together they walked up the stairs. She handed Arnie his cookie off of the porch. And to her amazement, he split the cookie in half and handed it to her. Together they sat there in the quiet and ate their half of the cookie enjoying the company of having their best friend right beside them.

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