Three year old blue eyes

Tears welling up from deep inside

Pudgy little fingers holding onto dollies

Brown Curls in a headband

Watching a sight soon to become all too common


Daddy if I let you use my toys will you come and play?

Daddy if I invite you to my tea party will you stay?

I promise I'll share, I promise you can choose our games.

Daddy please just stay, I don't understand

I can't watch your back again

Seeing you fade so far away


Eight year old blue eyes

Fighting back tears from deep inside

Clutching a baseball bat

Brown hair in a ponytail

Hurting because of something she thinks

She should be use to by now


Daddy won't you please play ball with me?

I started just for you, I'd much rather be playing with my new dollhouse

But I'll play anything if it's with you

I'm sorry I wasn't a little boy Daddy, but I can try, watch I can even hit the ball

Please Daddy please just stay for a little while

I can't watch your back growing smaller and smaller

As you walk away


Sixteen year old blue eyes

Angry tears coursing up from deep inside

Holding on to a shattered life

Brown hair in disarray around shoulders

Dying from betrayal and realizations clenching her heart

Daddy won't you please stay with me tonight

Hold me close like I'm little again

Please tell me everything's going to be alright

We've lost so much time Daddy, so please just love me like I love you

These tears are hot in my eyes, my chest tight with more soon to come

So please Daddy stop, please just stay awhile

I can't watch your back again

Seeing you fade so far away

Please Daddy please

Just stay awhile…