Love is.

I don't know.

Love is… um…

Love is something you can't feel, can't see, can't hear. You can't taste love, but you can taste the sweet scent of it in the air for moments after you've really discovered love.

So what is love?

Logically, mathematicians might say love is a mess of formulas, inequalities and a complex build-up of all the infinite numbers in the universe that can never be computed. Love is something that is so endless and infinite and so random it can't ever be written down as an equation or a simple formula.

Artists and authors would say that love is a work of art. It is beauty in itself, a fragile piece of indescribable emotion, a sculpture without a name that constantly flows and moves in motion. Love does not come in a fixed package, nor does it come with a label or any nametag that signifies and symbolizes it as love.

Even the most famous musician in the world would never be able to clarify love, I guess. Sure, music alone can bring out the feelings of love, but they do not prove what love is. They only signify that love is a thing so pure, so complicated yet simple.

To a child, love is coming home to a mum who bakes good cookies. Love is the warmth and happiness you get in the pit of your stomach when you bite into a homemade biscuit and watch a good ol' show with your family. Love is parents always being there, supporting you wherever or whatever you choose to do, and guiding you in the right direction. Love is no scoldings, only patience.

To a stressed-out teacher burning the midnight oil, love is when students actually hand in a decent piece of work that pleases the eye. Love is when their spouse/ relatives care enough to make a cup of coffee and sit down with them, waiting with them until their toil is over. Love is when their loved ones make them take a day off and fully enjoy themselves no matter the cost.

To a teen, perhaps, love is confused with infatuation and lust. Love is not defined properly, has no stereotype or mould to fit it into its perfect state. Love is when their family members care to listen to them and take the time to peek into their world and understand them. Love is when friends give more than what they take into the relationship, when people care enough.

To the overworked student, love is probably like that over-advertised Chicken Essence on television that costs so much but when taken, does so much more for the mental and physical state. Love is when they return home tired and stressed out, just to be allowed to flop onto the bed without being piled with more loads of work and assessment books to be done. Love is when they get that much-needed freedom to fly, even for a short while.

Love is unrealistic yet so cruelly down-to-earth at the same time. It lets people fly, and makes the fall even harder to bear once it's gone. Love is indescribable, yet the written explanations and analyzed perceptions of love are so long and so infinite they can never be put into words.

Or love is just that. Love.


Yeah, maybe that's all there is to it.

Isn't there?

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