Kiss the Frogman

I have been from here to there,

And I'm hopping mad. There was

No golden ball, no princess, there was

Nothing at all. I waited by the water,

Staring, a little stupidly into the well

At the reflection that damned me to hell,

My mouth as wide as my eyes and

My watch, unstoppable. Come now,

Run into my rubbery arms,

Lean against my withered skin.

There ain't no one like me, part frog,

Part man, and my heart's as big as a whale's.

Say you'll have me, in all my green glory

For I have waited hundreds of years

For this, I've put up ads in fairytales

And even searched at bars.

But the brothers they are dead now,

And I'm fading too. So if you're going to kiss me,

I suggest you do it soon.