I wish I was in love.

I really do.

I wonder if it'll happen to me.

I wonder if I'll be caught by surprise.

Will it be like in my stories,

Where betrayal is a factor nonetheless?

Or will it be like in my dreams,

Where weird things happen

And I never find out the endings?

I want to be grown up so bad.

I want to know a man who cares.

One who I can see something with.

One who wants to know the real me.

Not that I hide myself,

Cause I totally don't.

But every guy is surrounded,

By tons of girls.

I just want one to pick me from the mob,

Or from a corner far away.

I want someone to say.

I want that one,

Not cause I was fighting for him,

But simply because I caught his eye.

I was being myself, not a care in the world.

And he saw me for what I was.

And wanted me to be with.

Wanted to share with me.

I sigh too much.

I know I do.

But how can I not?

I mean, I think about these things, don't you?

But I guess I shouldn't bother.

It'll happen someday.

And I can't prepare for that.

But if I'm lucky…

I'll see it coming,

Or maybe I won't.

Maybe that's true luck.

Maybe that's fact.

I see so many movies.

I hear so many songs.

But it will never be me.

Not in this lifetime anyhow.