I wish I liked someone.

I really do.

I need the excitement.

I want to fall for you.

You seem so great.

You seem so kind.

Sometimes you're weird.

But mostly you're fine.

Sometimes I am smarter.

Sometimes I'm just dull.

But I just can't seem to feel the way…

I used to, when I was around you.

I still get jealous, but I know it's not enough.

I can't stand girls around you, but I've passed the point of going back.

You're cute, I'll always admit

But you're just not what I'm looking for—character and personality, I mean.

You're funny---yes.

You're popular---true.

But when it comes to what I need.

You don't have it.

It's not you.

I wish I still liked you.

I really wish I did.

Cause it was ever so thrilling…

To know I liked you.

To drool…and spin…

Around in circles when I knew no tomorrow.

When my days revolved around you, and

My helplessness was robin's sorrow.

But you never cared for me.

And maybe that's the reason why.

Or maybe because you knew too much.

Maybe cause I scared you with my smile.

I'll always almost faint when I see you before my eyes.

Because your looks just make me pant.

I can't help it.

I'm a pansy, that's a fact.

But you're not enough.

You're not what I need.

Heck, I don't even want you.

I'd say no, if you went on your knees.

But that's okay…it's all right.

I'll find someone else…in spite of the tide.

I just thought I would say it.

Because…well, someone had to.

And telling it to others,

Has never gotten me farther than "redos".

I'm gonna sigh again and wish I hadn't said it.

But it's true…and no, I won't regret it.