This I believe

I don't talk about my problems,

The real deep ones, anyways.

I used to do it all the time.

But it never saved me,

I always paid.

I almost lost a friendship.

I took one a little too far.

I was such a fool for trying this.

I felt it was light, when really it was dark.

Now, I help the other ones.

Because they need it.

They need sympathy and love.

They need everything I strived for before,

But now that I've given up.

I can help the lonely ones.

I can relate to them

And them to me.

It's better this way.

We all can be at peace.

I am not isolated.

I speak when I feel remorse.

But when it comes to guys and love,

To me there is no point.

I do not wish to get depressed.

And thinking these things,

Always gets me in such a mess.

And occasionally I falter,

When the talking gets too deep.

When the dearest of all people.

Want to look inside me, take a peek.

I am so open-minded.

I let people in without question.

I never regret till afterwards.

If that act did something…I'll not mention.

I know I should not dwell on this.

It makes me harder still.

But there are some things too far within

That I can't forget—it's hard to change the will.

But my friends and family are always there.

Should I dare to be vulnerable.

Should I dare to let them care.

Though caring for them seems enough for me.

Maybe someday I'll let them hold me.

Maybe someday I'll be the vulnerable I used to be.

Maybe someday I won't jeopardize every little thing made beautifully.

Maybe all I need to do is find the right one.

Maybe I've found them.

Or maybe I'm still lost.

But whatever it is, I shall push away now.

For now I'm here to serve others.

My thought and dreams don't matter as much as theirs by far.

People that I care about,

I long to protect forevermore.

I will be loyal to them forever.

And I'll never give up.

They are my lucky stars.

So don't talk about me,

As if I'm helpless in the woods.

Cause I'm not really.

Helping others makes me understood.

I am everything I need to be,

As long as I can talk with them

And secretly, they're helping me.

I'm not afraid to speak out.

I never have been that much.

But when things hurt me so bad.

I can't speak of them.

No one can.

So if you want to help me,

Just tell me what you need

And I'll be there for you.

This helps us both,

This I believe.