he's still going to leave you
whether or not you do what he says
going to leave you hanging there
do what he says, not what he does
hanging there by a thread
he doesn't understand at all
a thread of dignity left
all you have going for you
dignity left you behind
for you've forgotten all else
behind your careful mask
all else is just an illusion
mask your emotions with pride
an illusion of the truth you feel
with pride you take the first step
the truth you feel is at least your own
the first step, be it right or wrong
your own hand molds your life
right or wrong is ever relative
your life is one of infinite paths
relative to this world we live in
infinite paths to intersect and diverge
we live inside our minds' devising
and diverge from what is past
devising the ultimate escape
past the eyes of judgment
escape the confines of morality
judgment, to you, comes so easily
morality and men so seldom mix
easily do we lose our sight
mixed feelings for fixed dealings
sights and sounds we cannot trust
dealings with the devil have failed
we cannot trust our fellows, men, all
failed, and yet he's still going
all out now; ready, whether or not.

TMK 4.30/5.10/6.9.2006