I had to grade some freshman English papers near the end of the year, and theydid this assignment where they'd give a little slice of their life inaround 100 words. It was based on this thing in the Washington Post called Life is Short: Autobiography as Haiku. People write these little pieces and submit them to the Post,they pick winners,and publish them with a $100 prize.I don't think I want to enter anytime soon, but it inspired me so I decided I would try writing a few.

If anyone else wants to write some of these, tell me! I'd love to read them!

Graduation Night

As the air licks my once-used mortarboard, I worry it might fly off into the humid June night. My navy polyester gown itches, but I don't want to take it off yet. Chelsea's in the driver's seat of her red Jeep, windowless except for the windshield, her foot too heavy on the pedal again. Electric Six's "High Voltage" echoes from her stereo and from her mouth. I turn my head left to see her illuminated by a glowing dashboard display and streetlights. She's going to be eight states West of me in a few months. I smile and sing along.

100 words