December 2, 2010

Oh it's so strange to be looking at this story after all this time! This is the first real story that I ever wrote, so bear in mind as you read that it's really rough. But please do keep reading and enjoy the story! Everything in this chapter is just background information so feel free to just skim it or skip it altogether. Reviews are always welcome, as I hope to rewrite the story and would appreciate any constructive advice or comments!

The World As It Is In 4275

… and so the Great War came to its close in 2136, ending the cruel and bloody years of which countries had fought for supremacy of the Earth.

Not one country now dominated another, in truth the great countries and great progress of the human world completely fell to pieces and the wonders of their time vanished and all life was sent into a dark age that spread far across the ruins of a once great race.

But life went on, as it always has and does. The countries across the vast Eastern Sea isolated themselves and began to rebuild once more. The country to our north, Calenia, became lawless and is now an infinite mass of forest and mountain. The desert lands to our southern border closed themselves off and have had nothing to do with us since the treaty that ended the Great War. Little is known about the rest of the world.

The great country that our land originates from remained intact for almost five centuries after the downfall of the human race. On the five hundredth anniversary of the treaty, the final president of the country gather together the leader of each state and announced that he was dissembling the land, saying that it was for the best. He then proceeded to tell the leaders what would happen to the lands and his hopes for his people. The country would be divided as the leaders decided.

The records show the final decision with the country's new name and the states that joined it:


Arizona & New Mexico


Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah


Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas,

El Dorado

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio

The New World

New England, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

And so the meeting ended, with the final president of the United States making a farewell speech where he made it clear that he felt it was an honor to have served such a grand country that had, regrettably, ended under his reign. It is said that no one blamed him for his decision; he had merely done what needed to be done.

Little changed after the division of countries, lives went on with all of its joys and sorrows. Wars were common, an easy way to settle disputes between the countries. Other than those few disputes now and then, life went on and was peaceful. One could almost say that it was the calm before the storm.

Five hundred years after the dissolving of America, there came a new turn of events. A small band of rebels in Olympus began to gain control and would eventually have power over the entire country. Their influence spread further and soon the small country of Camelot came to be under their control as well.

Word spread slowly to the eastern half of the continent, and it caused a bit of distress, but not overly much for it was seen as a distant threat. News came and went, and one day a messenger came to the New World with news that stunned the nation. This group, which had now been in existence for almost two hundred years under various leaders, had invaded both El Dorado and Atlantis.

The king of the New World hurriedly gathered his forces, but by the time they had all formed, the invasion was over and the battle finished. It was now no longer a distant threat, it had become a reality. The king of the New World planned an attack to push the rebel group out of the two lands. They were helped by secret rebellious groups in the conquered countries and they successfully freed the eastern halves.

The group earned the name of Snomed through the battles and became renown for their evil deeds that were only just now being revealed. The leader of the Snomed admitted temporary defeat and settled for building an enormous wall that stretched from the bottom of the Great Lakes to the ocean, separating the eastern and western halves of Atlantis and El Dorado.

In the millennia following these happenings, very little has happened between the two forces. The kings of the New World, the Vinalins, have maintained the Rebellion, which is actively working to keep Snomed forces on their side of the wall without starting another cataclysmic war.

The Creatures of Magic

After the downfall of the human race, life changed considerably for the creatures that lived in America. Even before the collapse of the nation, creatures that had been considered myth and fantasy had begun their reappearance in the world. It was a slow, subtle appearance that grew steadily over the years. Even to this day not all of them have returned.

Dwarves were the first magic race to reveal themselves to the humans of America. They had delved far into the Rocky Mountains and there they had stayed when the humans entered and claimed their lands. They aligned themselves with the country of Olympus, who at the time was a peaceful nation.

Flying creatures were perhaps the first animals to openly show themselves to the humans. Winged horses, drixins, faeries, and the like could then be seen soaring through the air, a sight unseen for thousands of years. Dragons, though rare, returned to their long abandoned haunts in the eastern and western mountains. The water people, the mermaids, revealed themselves soon after the dragons and the sailors learned to keep their distance.

In the course of this reentrance of magical creatures, the long silent people of magic began to once more practice their skills. Sorcerers and sorceresses were adapted into the armies, who would seek their power for the purposes, be they good or evil.

But as is with all things, the evil must come with the good. It was not only the good creatures and the good peoples who appeared, but the dark creatures as well. The hags and the demons, ghosts and goblins made themselves known, but for the most part kept their distance from the human world as long as that world kept away from them.

The only race of magic to still remain hidden is one of the most revered through myth, the elves. A race that had lived side by side with man until man turned on them. It is not said in any history or story where these people had fled to, and it is a mystery that many would spend their lives solving.